Diamond Home Support: Testimonials From Existing Franchisees


“No false promises, no add-ons, fantastic support when I was deciding.”

Connie, Norwich

“The support from the Franchisor has been excellent and most importantly very realistic about the business model.”

Lynne and Oliver, Worcestershire

“I would encourage anyone to go for it. I understand the possible hesitation but I am happy to confirm all that you see about this business is true.”

Steven – Redditch

“The main benefit of being a Diamond Home Support Franchisee is being your own boss and knowing that everything you put into the business benefits you as opposed to somebody else’s business!”

Astrid and Ian, Cornwall

"I have been in the Diamond Home Support network for over four years now and I would highly recommend it. The support I have received from the franchisor and the rest of the network is excellent, and the business model is clearly laid out and easy to follow.

The business fits in well with my busy lifestyle and looking after two young children. If you would like to work for yourself, like working flexibly, and have the drive and determination to succeed, then this is a brilliant low-cost way to get started and run your own business".

Vanessa, Chichester

"I must admit the extremely low cost of my Diamond franchise did make me have second thoughts, and I thought there must be a risk of losing my money. You can find exactly the same business model for thousands more, and I spent the first month looking for the catch.

I’m the most realistic (and pessimistic!) person I know, but I knew that with hard work, I could make a go of this. The support from Andrew has been second to none, he’s always there, always listening and always just at the end of a phone call or email with sensible suggestions to help. I’m so glad I bought Diamond Home Support (Windsor) it’s one of the best decisions I ever made".

Lynda, Windsor

"From the initial contact in May 2012 to today we have never been anything other than delighted by the support given by Andrew and the rest of the team at Diamond Home Support. The training package is comprehensive and continues to be added to and the ongoing support and advice is both prompt and reassuring.

What is especially appreciated is that the support is not a one size fits all approach but is flexible enough to support those franchisees who need more or less help. We have no hesitation at all in recommending the franchisor and the franchise generally which has proved hugely successful for us both financially and with regard to our work/life balance".

Astrid & Ian, Callington

"I bought my Franchise in 2012 and it was the best decision I ever made!! From the start Andrew Watton has always been supportive, approachable and his knowledge is out of this world!! He is never too busy to respond to queries, no matter how large that query maybe, or to just give a reassuring word.

Andrew has spent a lot of time putting together the prospectus, having gone through the process himself, managing the website for each franchisee, plus the training, both for new franchisee's and ongoing training, sourcing ways to increase advertising, and the merchandise needed, the yearly Conference, Webinars...the support goes on!! Our Franchisee Forum is a minefield of tips, advice and ideas. We all work as one team, helping each other to achieve the results we are all aiming for".

Connie, Norwich

"The support and value-for-money factor offered by the Diamond franchise team are unaccountable. Belonging to such a positive and forward-thinking network has allowed me to grow to a substantial business, complete with commercial office and staff, in less than 18 months! The growth potential is huge and the initial outlay represents such an amazing offer.

I belong to three other franchise networks but Diamond excels itself in its ability to support and develop its franchisee’s, turning them from a wannabe business person to a genuine profit-generating powerhouse. Incredibly professional yet approachable, there is no limit to the support and advice on offer. The model is fool-proof and allows you to grow successfully, whilst allowing you to develop your own stamp and working styles. Highly recommended".

Tim, South Lincolnshire

"I have been with Diamond home Support close on 4 years. Joining the network is one of the best things I have done in a long time – I am over 60 years old and a single parent to four young adults aged 18, 20, 21 and 23 (2 girls Jenny, Megan, 2 boys Aaron and Malachi). These last four years I have been able to tailor my business around my children. I know I am not going to make a fortune, as I am not particularly ambitious or motivated that way.

With the support of Andrew the director and my fellow franchisee’s I am able to provide for my family which for me what is important. The marketing and manuals are excellent and go towards being able to present a professional, personal service to the clients.

I genuinely can’t fault the organisation it encourages, affirms and supports me in my aspirations. What I also like is the fact that I am my own boss and that I can work as and when I want within reason. Finally as a bonus I get to meet people – clients, cleaners support workers who for the most part are very appreciative and benefit from the service we provide".

Chris, Bolton

"I had researched many franchise opportunities before deciding on Diamond Home Support. I wanted to work for myself and needed something to fit around my young family and part-time employment. The simple business model and costs involved were perfect for me, and after speaking with Andrew I felt comfortable that I could build this in to a successful business.

The start-up and management costs are better and fairer than any other franchise that I looked at, so most of the money you make goes in your pocket! It was hard work at the beginning, but after a couple of months it started to feel routine, although you never stop learning!

Andrew’s help and support is there whenever you need it, and has been invaluable in helping me at times. I am so glad I went ahead, and know that I can count on the support, experience and encouragement of Andrew, as well as all the other franchise owners. I certainly know I made the right choice".

Laura, Aberdeen

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