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Are you an entrepreneur looking for a new business. Why should you take a serious look at what we have to offer?

"By the time I was 26, I had been made redundant twice and was made painfully aware that the job market was anything but secure.

In my IT & Hospitality roles I saw job cuts, increased work-loads and wages that never increased.

I was at a crossroads and found this business opportunity by Life Choices Global ā€“ an offering for young people like me that offers long term security, excellent career prospects and financial rewards that match my efforts".

James Drew

"Hi there, my name is Sadie Kidd and my journey with Life Choices Global began back in August 2012, when I had a teaching career.

Despite loving my job, I didn't like the long working hours it seemed to involve. Additionally, as a severe IBS sufferer, the stress that this was causing me was seriously bad news and I knew that some changes were needed.

When I was first shown the opportunity with Life Choices Global, as much as it ticked all of the boxes for me, I was incredibly skeptical and I wasn't quite convinced that I would be able to do it.

However, just 2 months into it, with an abundance of help and support, I was able to leave my teaching career behind and thanks to the amazing products, I was also able to wave goodbye to the IBS that I'd suffered with for 14 years.

Today, Iā€™m now healthier than I've ever been, I work flexibly around my family and I've just booked our first family holiday abroad in seven years.

For me though, it hasn't been about the income, well not yet anyway, but more so about who I've become. I've developed personally in areas that I hadn't even considered before and finally I have found self-belief and I now only look forward and not backwards".

Sadie Kidd

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