MagiKats Maths and English: Kathryn Mellett


After over 17 years working with teenagers, Kathryn Mellett was frustrated. She regularly saw students who had not received the support they needed in school, and how this was now affecting their college education.

She wanted to find a way in which she could help these students before they reached college – to make sure they had every opportunity to realise their full potential as they worked to gain life skills and good qualifications. So, she chose MagiKats!

When asked why MagiKats was her first choice to provide effective support to children and teenagers, Kathryn said:

“The MagiKats programme offers fun, structured and affordable tuition which maps directly to the curriculum and can therefore support Key Stages 1 – 4 including preparation for SATs and GCSEs. The experience of the Franchise team coupled with a teaching resource which is maintained to ensure currency and accuracy are key benefits in ensuring the quality of the programmes delivered.”

We then asked Kathryn why she chose MagiKats as the best franchise for her. “I believe Magikats is appropriate for me,” she replied, “as I believe it helps to have real impact on the education and progress of children, which is something I am extremely passionate about. In five years time, I would like to have established MagiKats Tuition Centres running throughout the city of Sunderland, embedded in communities and providing tuition to 200+ young people.”

Sarah Marsh, from MagiKats HQ, added a word of support for Kathryn. “I love working with someone who has such clear goals. Kathryn is highly motivated to both make her business a success, and also to make real difference to the lives of children and teenagers in her local area.

Part of what we do at MagiKats is work closely with each franchisee to support their individual goals and I am looking forward to helping Kathryn achieve these goals in the next five years!”

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