Nudge: Case Study


A recent email campaign resulted in the owner of a PR company called us. They had received the email and were interested in selling their business.

Our first step was to evaluate the company financial status, which allows us to put a fair value on the company. The valuation was taken care of by our in-house valuations Manager, who then passed the details to our negotiations team.

The business was a small but profitable agency valued at £480,000.

We then prepared an information pack, including a series of emails to be sent to companies we considered a good fit.

We maintain a database of over 1200 companies in this sector alone, both through our London office and our European teams in Sofia, Bulgaria and in Asia.

One of our lead responded to the email, requested more information and agreed on our valuations. The value to them in acquiring the company was that though they had a similar PP agency, they were did not have a presence in the niche sector covered by our client.

The buyer was looking to arrange funding for a part of the purchase. We were able to agree funding terms within 3 days of a request for a funding package..

Price and terms where agreed in a series of conference calls, emails and in three meetings in London.

When the deal was agreed, we billed our client for 5.4% of the deal value, in this case our earnings were just over £26,000 with expenses of £2,300 to make the deal a success,

From start to finish the deal took just under 9 weeks.

We have many more case histories and have worked on projects in the UK, Ireland, Slovenia, Romania, Latvia, The USA and China. Please get in touch, read our information pack and set up a call so you can see for yourself if our business is the right fit for your money and lifestyle plans. 

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