Quantum Leap: Martin Treasure Takes The Leap To Start His Own Business Consultancy Business


‘I came from a business background with 25 years working for myself in property and development. When the time came to do something new, I worked out my strengths – and the areas I loved – were helping others to succeed and learn from both my triumphs and my mistakes.

I’d got ‘hands on’ experience of running companies, dealing with cash flow, banks, staff, profit and loss through two recessions: Quantum Leap gives me the opportunity to capitalise on all my grey hairs and help other business owners turn some of the cliff face’ challenges into learning curves.

Frankly? I wish Quantum Leap had been around twenty years ago for me to plug into, and boost, my own business!”

Martin has worked with Quantum Leap since its roll out in the UK early in 2017 and seen for himself the effect on business: “My very first Quantum Leap client applied the material from his manual, worked through the sessions with me and -bang- half way through the programme saw one of his sales outlets hit 200% of their targets.

It was a lesson to me that consulting for small and medium sized business has a huge amount to offer: Many business owners ‘love what they do’ but cannot move away from just working harder and harder. We help them leverage their operation and put in place strategies that will help them grow their profits and reduce their stress. Perfect!”.

Martin Treasure

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