Simply Naturals: Distributor Car Plan Scheme


"Got my dream car, and so quickly – Very Excited"

"After having a fantastic experience with Sizzling Minerals both personally and with family and friends I got involved with Simply Naturals.

This business ticks all of the boxes for me as the running costs are minimal, there is no stock to hold or distribute and the support and marketing tools are brilliant.

Particular impressive are the commission payments, rewards, and Free Car Plan.

It’s also amazing to me that Simply Naturals will even pay my mortgage. Oh, and I got my dream car – an Audi TT convertible!.

Irene Gott – Ayrshire

"Choose the car of your dreams – It’s FREE"

"Simply Naturals and Sizzling Minerals has changed our lives in a really short space of time and the journey with the company has been amazing. We were firstly attracted to Simply Naturals by the very generous and fair payment plans and it being a very young British network marketing company.

We soon started to gather customers and in comparison to our previous services based MLM company, it was a very easy process.

We simply shared the product and business opportunity with people and our team began to grow. We have been very surprised with the growth within our team and customer numbers are increasing daily so our income is growing every month too.

We have now qualified for the car allowance and currently have a brand new Audi A3 cabriolet, this is a very generous and easy level to achieve and other team members have already qualified for the exact same ‘level 1 car allowance’. Others in our team are also very close to achieving the same.

You can even choose your own car; you are not limited to a specific make or model. No restrictions (including earnings) means you really can live the dream.

We are just so happy to have found Simply Naturals and now have 100’s of success stories form customers and distributors, this drives us forward to talk to everyone and share the good news.

The future of Simply Naturals and our continued success within the company is so exciting and will secure our financial future and give us the time freedom to enjoy doing the things that we want to do with the rest of our lives. And best of all… we can secure our children’s future too".

Ian and Mo Luff – Isle of White

73 Customers In only 4 weeks!

Graeme:My name is Graeme Masterton and I joined the Simply Naturals business opportunity after feeling the benefits first hand from sizzling minerals.

I introduced David Irvine as a distributor who is now my business partner".

David: “Graeme approached me to become a customer first but before I ordered month two of my minerals I had joined as a distributor because of my personal results and I wanted to tell others about this amazing product.

The ‘Simply’ compensation plan is the best we have ever seen. We cannot believe how easy it is to get customers. We have 74 already. Can’t believe we got a FREE CAR, incredible!!"

David Masterton & David Irvine – Dumfriesshire, Scotland

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