Simply Naturals: Distributor Success Stories


I am a personal trainer and fitness instructor based in Cardiff. I have always been interested in diet, exercise and finding ways to help people improve their health.

For the last few months I have been adapting to a vegetarian diet and as a result looking for ideas and inspiration. I attended the Cardiff Vegan Food Festival and met Katherine Bower who introduced me to Simply Naturals.

Having spent a long time studying the benefits of supplementation I was intrigued by this product that I had never come across before which sounded both amazing and wonderful.

After a long and inquiring follow-up phone call from Katherine I felt confident that I had stumbled upon something totally unique and natural and that could be a great way to help people in so many ways without any side effects or great expense. A product that can be tried by someone who will see real results and then recommend it to their friends and colleagues.

I tried the minerals myself and after a few weeks started to feel a good way! I quickly acquired 6 clients in my first week by simply mentioning the minerals to a few friends who were intrigued and encouraged by my results. I am looking forward to a bright future with Simply Naturals, selling something that I truly believe in and want to share with others. Good luck!

Hazel Pincher, Qualified Distributor

I've never been that interested in cars, but as I got closer to getting my Simply car all that changed.

I started to get really excited at the idea of choosing a free car.

We have a BMW Series 2 hybrid car with lots of additional features.

I tell people that I have a free car that I got from recommending Simply Naturals Sizzling Minerals product that improved my hearing so much that I would recommend it to anyone; they are always impressed and want to know more.

Jane Thurnell-Read (Senior Manager)

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