Franchisee Success Stories


itseeze Wolverhampton

From MD to franchisee

Before joining, Graham was the Managing Director of a web-based company, but he wanted the freedom of being self-employed.

He was drawn to by the appeal of unlimited, residual earnings.

Taking the risk

Investing in a franchise is always a big decision, whatever your background. Turning your back on a leading role in a highly successful company to go it alone would strike many as a crazy thing to do… but Graham Nicklin did just that!

No regrets

It was a decision that he has not looked back on. “It was a big risk to move from operating as a Managing Director of a successful company to working for myself. The team at head office have provided me with abundant support and this has assured me that moving into the franchise world was the right choice. What’s more, my sales are increasing rapidly year on year” says Graham.

itseeze Colchester & Ipswich

Proving the business model

Oliver has been more successful than we could ever have predicted. In his second month of trading, he tripled his first month’s sales. In just over 18 months he’d sold over 100 it’seeze websites – and he sold more than 300 within five years of trading.

Get out there and talk to customers

So how did he do it? “I built up my business by getting out there and listening to what different people do, then seeing how I could help them.

As my client base grew, so did the number of referrals. I am now in the fortunate position where I don’t have to look for clients as people just come to me wanting an it’seeze website”, he says.

Ambition and determination

Oliver’s experience as a Sales Manager in a manufacturing company has undoubtedly helped him to grow his franchise. But his ambition and determination have been the driving forces behind his success. He’s now fast approaching his 500th sale – and he’s taken on a second protected territory. Oliver has shown exactly what a franchisee can achieve.

itseeze Nottingham

Success in the making

Phil was tired of working long hours and travelling vast distances for his job which prompted him to consider a change of career.

Commercial viability

Wanting to be his own boss but operating within a proven business model, Phil began to look seriously at franchising. “After researching a variety of companies, it was that really appealed to me as viable and sustainable franchise business.

Most of the other franchises I researched simply weren’t commercially well-thought out and/or didn’t have a range of products that I felt would be in high enough demand”, says Phil.

Word of mouth

Since joining the franchise, Phil has developed a strong client base. And the driving force behind his success? “Nothing motivates me more than when I get a call, out of the blue, from someone who’s heard from a satisfied client about the service I offer!”

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