Transition Law: Hear From Happy SaviShare Affiliate Partners


Start Your Own SaviShare Success Story Today – These People Did…

“I Joined the Affiliate Program which is all about recommending Legal services. I’ve been involved in business opportunities before without any real success but this looked good.

However, within 24 hours I needed some legal advice myself and got a free consultation and resolved the problem. That was worth more than the joining fee on its own!” Duncan, Yorkshire.


"I’ve always been involved in businesses that help others. I found coincidentally, the same week the Company I was with changed their terms and conditions, so all my previous hard work was in danger of being lost.

I signed up for SaviShare just for the free legal advice but found out that I could make a substantial income as well, all of a sudden the future is looking better again." Linda, Hertfordshire


"I joined SaviShare's Associate Program as I immediately became aware of the professionalism and quality of advice offered by Transition Law.

The progression of training provided along with attention to detail gave me total confidence to recommend their services.

Given the opportunity to become involved and be rewarded financially, don't hesitate - it's refreshing to find a company that does what it says it will do." Christine, Suffolk


"I've just joined SaviShare and already been impressed with the support and training materials but I'm writing because my daughter urgently needed her Will updating due to separating from her husband.

I called Head Office and was delighted to find that, as my close family, not only was she covered by my membership as a SaviShare Associate for a Free consultation but she also received the 40% member's discount!

I've told all my friends about this and several want to join just for the legal services discount! Well done SaviShare." Sarah, Oxford

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