Town & Country Cleaning

Welcome to Town & Country Cleaning and an exciting opportunity to be your own boss whilst benefiting from an existing business framework. We are different from your typical cleaning company.

Our brand attracts and retains better staff and customers with higher satisfaction/ retention and profitability, whilst spreading risk across diversified revenue streams and multiple customers, both in commercial and domestic market.

Why Join A Cleaning Franchise?

Cleaning services is based on an extremely robust business model. Start-up costs are low when compared to other business types…there is no retail premises to rent, no stock to purchase and no large capital expenditure to lay out.

The majority of your costs are variable costs, i.e. you get most of the costs only when you get the business and when you get the profits. Your revenue is usually spread across multiple customers reducing risk, and importantly, based on recurring revenue, i.e. every month you receive ongoing payments, month in month out.

Also, while technology can impact on the market, it cannot deliver the actual service the customer requires and you provide.

The Town & Country Cleaning Franchise Opportunity

We are now looking for new business partners with the ability to attract and retain customers and staff. In return, we will make it our #1 personal objective to support you and ensure we do everything possible to make you a success. We do however require a very specific type of person.

Any prospective franchisee will be able to demonstrate a strong focus on sales and operations. They will typically be a manager working in the FM/services industry wanting to manage their own business or an owner of an existing small service-based business wanting to expand and be part of something better.

Your Franchise Package

Franchise Area: 

  • Large area exclusivity (5 year term with right to renew) 
  • National/regional account opportunity 
  • Non-proactive opportunity in other areas

Sales, Marketing & Operational Support: 

  • Complete capability to operate your business 
  • Initial training and ongoing personal mentorship 
  • Sales, marketing, legal, accountancy and administrative support

How Much Can I Earn?

The financial performance of any franchise business will depend hugely on the ability and commitment of the individual franchisee.

The rewards are limitless for those willing to take the time to invest in themselves with the right level of energy, commitment and ability to see their business succeed.

The financial projections shown are strictly for guidance only to help prospective franchisees develop their own business plan, sales and profit projections.

Benefits of the Town & Country Cleaning Franchise

  • To be your own boss within a framework of an existing successful brand 
  • Management franchise of a large exclusive territory 
  • Brand that delivers better staff, customers, pricing and profitability 
  • Recurring revenue streams diversified across many customers 
  • A highly personalised approach to training and ongoing support 
  • Marketing and administrative support to enable you to grow your business 
  • Limitless opportunity to tap into national and regional contracts 
  • Develop a business asset with proven long-term resale value

Does This Sound Of Interest?

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