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Aim higher in the Climbers Club

The Climbers Club provides a new way to write your own success story. 

To get out from under corporate office restrictions.

To walk away from business plans that fail to deliver. To get the return you want from investing in your MBA or other advanced degree. To discover the true entrepreneur in you.

Cliff Walker, founder of the Climbers Club, has helped hundreds of talented individuals over the past twenty years move from satisfaction to fulfillment and became successful entrepreneurs.

We’ve created a new collaborative marketing business model to ensure your success.

At the heart of the Climbers Club is an exclusive integrated business model which helps members build a growing business and fuel and fund their optimal life.

Each member becomes a partner with a billion dollar company built on a global business platform. And each member becomes part of a collaborative culture that nurtures success for individuals and the organization. The exclusive Climbers Club success kit you receive immediately on joining will help you begin your new venture quickly and effectively.

About Cliff Walker - The Climbers Club Founder

Cliff Walker has almost twenty years of experience helping people transition into new entrepreneurial careers.

An influential leader and mentor, he is renowned for his top quality training and support.

His unique career-transitioning system, the Collaborative Marketing Process for Financial Freedom, is one of the driving concepts behind the Climbers Club.

Cliff has been featured on Modest to Millions, has been a guest on Net Millionaire Buzz Radio, is a contributing author to The Ultimate Guide To Network Marketing, and is a frequent speaker and career lifestyle coach.

A uniquely qualified and prestigious Climbers Club faculty will coach and mentor you—and help you join the next generation of innovators, creative thinkers, and successful entrepreneurs as you follow the path to your optimal life.

An Integrated Business Framework

Are you are one of the millions of people who are frustrated with their current career, employer, or lifestyle? Have you thought about doing something on your own? Have you tried to take this path and encountered obstacles you couldn’t overcome?

The Integrated Business Framework is a foundational concept of the Climbers Club. It organizes starting, growing, and maintaining a successful business into six master tasks (each containing sub-tasks) that systematically guide you through the process. You will be working for yourself—but not by yourself.

You can retain your current employment (if you choose to) as you build your Climbers Club business.

You will be able to apply what you learn in Climbers Club to your current job.

The Climbers Club Faculty

The Climbers Club includes a world class faculty of thought leaders that we have brought together here to support someone to build a successful business.


Dr. Paul G. Stoltz is the author of five international bestselling books on the integration and application of grit and resilience, printed in seventeen languages.

He was voted by HR magazine as “One of the Top Ten Most Influential Global Thinkers of Our Time”. His methods are recognized as best practices on MBA and entrepreneurship programs at Harvard and MIT. He has appeared on Oprah, CNN, CNBC, Today, Fox, ABC, NBC, and more.


Steve Dailey has coached aspiring Olympic athletes, start-up entrepreneurs, seasoned business leaders, and ambitious high climbing individuals for nearly thirty years.

Besides hosting his own business radio show, Steve has been selected as a member of Zig Ziglar’s Can Do Go faculty, head coach for Network Marketing magazine, and has contributed to four best-selling books on selling. He was also technical editor for some of Wiley’s record-setting Dummies books.


Bea Fields is an executive level leadership coach, consultant, and trainer. Over the past eighteen years she has worked with high growth companies and helped them manage cultural change around the globe.

Bea is the author of two well-respected business books: EDGE! A Leadership Story and Millennial Leaders: Success Stories from Today’s Most Brilliant Generation Y. She holds a bachelor of science degree from the University of Alabama, a certificate degree in leadership coaching from Georgetown University, and she received the Thomas Leonard Award for coaching mastery.


Rob Brown is the best-selling author of Build Your Reputation and (according to LinkedIn) is the most recommended networking expert in the world.

He’s a featured Ted Talks speaker, and is founder of the Networking Coaching Academy, an online coaching platform that helps business people network more confidently and effectively. He has written over fifty publications on networking, partnerships, communicating, relationships, influence, trust, likeability, and personal branding.


Paul Sheals rose through the ranks to become sales and marketing director of one of the largest holiday home companies in Europe.

In 1999 Paul left the corporate world to start his own digital marketing company, and over the past sixteen years he’s developed it to become one of the largest in Europe.

His email marketing strategies and supporting videos generate added leads and website sales. Paul works with a select number of companies and clients.


John Terhune has authored multiple books on the principles of success in business and life, with a special focus on entrepreneurship, attitude development, and people skills.

John's book Enhanced People Skills is a number one bestseller on Amazon. His Attitude Pumps three to five minute video and audio messages are seen as the gold standard in attitude development. Over the last twenty-seven years he has been an attitude coach for thousands of people around the world, including entrepreneurs and corporate executives.

Prior to that he was an assistant state attorney for the State of Florida. After graduating with honors from the University of South Florida, John received his law degree from the prestigious Florida State Law School.


Anthony Stears shows business owners, sales departments, account managers, and customer service team members how to be motivated and effective when making phone calls to set appointments, engage a potential customer, close a sale, make the perfect follow up contact, or even deliver bad news.

Through his books and coaching Anthony teaches how effective and focused telephone communications can be employed to achieve specific goals in business and in life.

He doesn’t teach people how to sell, but simply shows them how to help their customers buy. Anthony is the author of The Telephone Assassin and is on a mission to get people talking again and to stop them from hiding behind emails and social media.


Chris Widener is one of the top success teachers in the world today. He was personally mentored by and worked closely with both legends Zig Ziglar and Jim Rohn. Mr. Rohn called Chris “the leader of a new generation of personal development and leadership experts.”

Chris has authored 17 books and produced close to 100 audio programs around success, leadership, motivation and influence. Chris has also been named one of the top 50 speakers in the world and was named by Inc Magazine as a top 100 speakers.

The Climbers Club Five-Year Plan

Working steadily and steadfastly, with the full support of the Climbers Club, you will achieve the long-term career success and rewarding lifestyle you desire.

1. Build a solid foundation in year one
2. Grow your strength, focus, and clarity in year two
3. Master superior leadership skills in year three
4. Enjoy fulfillment and the fruits of your labour in year four
5. Realize your legacy in year five

The Climbers Club Annual Retreat

Each year Climbers Club members can attend our Climbers Club annual retreat held in a world-class facility.

Members will have a unique opportunity to network with other members, trade ideas and insights, and attend presentations and breakout sessions delivered by our faculty.

During the retreat there will also be opportunities to meet members of the faculty and get to know them on a personal level. The venues where we will meet (in beautiful locations around the world) will also offer plenty of activities and time to unwind and relax. At each retreat, the Climbers Club will present the latest inside information and introduce new plans and initiatives.

The Climbers Club: Business Summary

Climbers Club personal coaching offers a unique form of collaboration and support, focused on exceptional achievement.

It’s interactive, highly personalized, and purposed purely toward your goals, strengths, and opportunities, and what you need to do to achieve your dreams right now.

In the Climbers Club you will receive not only world-class frameworks and a road map for success, you will also receive personal guidance on how to apply these exceptional insights from a trained, professional coach.

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