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Welcome to the No. 1 supplier of gold plating business opportunities in the world and you are invited to discover the most amazing packages to suit ALL budgets and ambitions.

Direct access for ALL clients to the most highly rated support team in the industry (over 99% rated us 5* over a 10 year+ period).

They will help guide you over the most important time for any start-up business - the first 3 months - so you will have every chance of making it work for you and provide the independence that all people want in their lives.

Gold plating services and gold plated products are one of the most untapped business opportunities left in the world - how many items other than jewellery can YOU find in your local High Streets - and with an unlimited range of gold plated 'metal' items for you to create for the gift market (satisfying any budget) the demand will be outstanding.

In today’s world the ‘norm’ is not enough for a large number of people who require things that are ‘above the norm’, and 24k gold plated items are more and more becoming part of that trend. It is now no longer a case of ‘why would I want a Gold Plated golf club or a bathroom with gold plated fittings’, it is now a case of ‘because I can’.

Make 2018 The Year You Took Back Control of Your Life – The Clock is Ticking!

Over The average hourly wage in the UK in 2016 was just over £12 per hour, which is mainly why in 2016 over 650,000 people started their own new business to break the cycle of workers in the UK being exploited more than ever and are now beginning to take control of their lives - the income generated by gold plating ordinary metal items however is between £50 and £200 per hour.

Go to the link below showing the largest range of Gold Plating Kit Packages anywhere in the world to suit all budgets and make the change for 2018. Packages in this section start at below £100 for the Arts and Crafts Individual, to kits over £200 more suitable for someone looking as a hobbyist or for a small part time income, up the main GS500 kits for someone looking to build a small business over time with a budget of £500 upwards.

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‘Ultimate’ Website Based Business Opportunity Package Offer of The Year:

The most amazing and comprehensive offer ever seen in the UK from the world’s No.1 supplier of Business-In-A-Box Packages includes all of the following features:

  • UK Buyers will be working Directly with the Founder of the most popular supplier of Gold Plating Kits in the World over the last 10 years
  • 3 Day At-Home Training days anywhere in mainland UK provided personally by the Founder
  • Followed by Monday-Friday Daily input into your business from the Founder designed to help achieve all targets and goals set by the client for that month
  • Custom Designed Website with Domain Name of your choice
  • Custom made Professional Video created for you and placed on your website as well as optimised on YouTube
  • Lifetime membership of the world’s only Gold Plating Guild
  • 2 Top of the range plating kits for plating all metal and non-metal items
  • Enough plating chemicals to generate over £20,000 in customer charges before you will need to purchase more stock
  • A Massive 30% discount on all future purchases for a full 5 YEARS
  • 10,000 Custom Designed Full Colour 2-Sided A5 Leaflets printed and distributed in your area
  • A Full 3 x 1 Month Social Media Campaigns to reach over 200,000 people in your area highlighting your business and website to raise your profile
  • Unlimited and Personalised Emails from the Gold Plating Guild to individual targeted companies locally introducing you as the newest member of the largest group of independent platers in the world
  • 6 Monthly Press Releases featuring your new business and activities during that period published and copied to all local media contacts
  • Free Registration into the newly launched ‘Gold Plating Guild Authorised Members Group’ who will have access to any National Trade and Retail businesses requesting members services ‘locally’ in any of their branches
  • Lifetime Telephone and Email Support on all Technical and Business Building matters from a 10 year old company that has thousands of registered clients worldwide – and with a 5 star customer rating of over 99% over those 10 years. Support includes free and unlimited telephone calls from us to you from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday (Mainland UK only) and free and unlimited email support from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm 7 days a week (Worldwide).
  • A MASSIVE DISCOUNT OF £1500 ON THE NORMAL PRICE OF £5000 This offer is for a limited period only

Your business will commence as soon as you make your purchase with an intense programme of action during the first 30 days to get the business off to the best possible start.

This Business Package has been designed to overcome the biggest cause of failure in most new start-up business in the UK over the last 20 years – which is:


With this high profit business opportunity coupled with a completely under developed market place in the UK you will be able to offer the general public and various selected Trades and Retailers products and services not currently available in your area.

By working directly with Ultimate Package buyers – which they own outright - clients have the best opportunity to build a substantial business without the high costs of buying a franchise – as well as not being restricted in any of the normal ‘franchise’ terms:

  • Paying ongoing franchise fees
  • Being limited to a small geographical area as to where they can trade
  • Being restricted to where they can buy their ongoing supplies and sundries
  • To how much they can charge their customers for their products/services
  • Limited in all their actions and decisions by the franchise contract

Gold Solutions provide a completely unconditional and free support network team offering in excess of 10 years experience in this industry to our registered clients.


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