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Direct access for ALL clients to the most highly rated support team in the industry (over 99% rated us 5* over a 10 year+ period).

They will help guide you over the most important time for any start-up business - the first 3 months - so you will have every chance of making it work for you and provide the independence that all people want in their lives.

Gold plating services and gold plated products are one of the most untapped business opportunities left in the world - how many items other than jewellery can YOU find in your local High Streets - and with an unlimited range of gold plated 'metal' items for you to create for the gift market (satisfying any budget) the demand will be outstanding.

In today’s world the ‘norm’ is not enough for a large number of people who require things that are ‘above the norm’, and 24k gold plated items are more and more becoming part of that trend. It is now no longer a case of ‘why would I want a Gold Plated golf club or a bathroom with gold plated fittings’, it is now a case of ‘because I can’.

Make 2018 The Year You Took Back Control of Your Life – The Clock is Ticking!

Over The average hourly wage in the UK in 2016 was just over £12 per hour, which is mainly why in 2016 over 650,000 people started their own new business to break the cycle of workers in the UK being exploited more than ever and are now beginning to take control of their lives - the income generated by gold plating ordinary metal items however is between £50 and £200 per hour.

Conscious of this growth in the UK of people starting up their own business, Gold Solutions lead the way in allowing people with no previous business experience to start, with the tried and tested free support from Gold Solutions, to generate very good full or part time incomes with one of their home based and low-cost gold plating kits.

Below You Will Find A Summary of The Different Packages Based On Your Budget

Up to £300 click here

Our range of GS90 packages start at under £300 and are perfect for anyone looking for a small part time business opportunity working from home but still capable of generating in excess of £100 per hour working when YOU WANT TO.

Up to £600 click here

Here are our world beating GS500 packages starting at under £500 and will allow you gold plate any sized item as well as more than one item at a time. You can plate in White, Rose and 9-24k Yellow Gold, Platinum, Rhodium, Chrome, Nickel and Copper to provide options for your customers.

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Complete Business Opportunity packages suitable for establishing a professional and comprehensive range of ‘extras’ normally found in much more costly alternatives, examples would be, Custom Designed Websites, Professional HD Presentation Videos, 3 Month Marketing Packages for launching any new business, At-Home Training Courses provided by the founder of Gold Solutions, even up to 40% discounts on all future purchases from our website and more.

Free and Unlimited Support Team

With the most highly rated feedback score of any supplier of Gold Plating Business Opportunities in the world after 10 years trading, and awards for Service and Value for the last 3 years, Gold Solutions continue to lead the way in after sales service, value and Innovation.

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