are the first company to offer this unique technology, as a new business opportunity and are looking to develop exponential growth throughout the UK.

The ProxMax Proximity Marketing Technology is now accessible and viable as a full customer service and marketing solution. This technology has been adopted by major mobile phone makers and Google. All new phones after February 2018 will have receive notification permissions defaulted to ‘on’ in all new phone models.

Meaning that this is a ground floor opportunity for all new ProxMax distributors.

The Proximity Marketing Technology is GDPR COMPLIANT so the timing of this product launch even more powerful.

The ProxMax Technology

Proximity Marketing Technology notification uses brand new proximity marketing technology.

The technology is based on a notification pushed to enabled phones and this is clicked to link to a specific ad, offer, special, or any call to action.

Creating brand new customers from people who are in the proximity of the business being advertised. The technology is so flexible and so many different methods to encourage customers to shop/dine/spend means that almost any business in the country can apply this technology.

Walking through a shopping centre, busy street or industrial unit, our push notification connects with all enabled devices linking them to these businesses.

Do not be fooled, this technology is going to be a 60 billion dollar industry and YOU get the chance to be there first.

Specific targeted notifications with links to offers, specials, deals or opportunities are pushed onto all mobiles that are enabled and within proximity.

This technology is legal and approved in every country and they are backed by Google’s push notification technology.

Imagine the power to send a business message to anyone close by, this is truly revolutionary.

How many businesses will want this marketing power for a few pounds a day?

The ProxMax Business Opportunity

Develop a growing monthly revenue stream by introducing this technology to local businesses in your territory or to other businesses in other areas. (Request pricing for territories near you).

Below is a short list of some of the businesses that can utilise this technology:

  • High Street
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Outlets
  • Shops
  • Supermarkets
  • 7/11 Stores
  • Real Estate Agents

Service Providers

  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Painters and Decorators
  • Renovations
  • Gardeners
  • Window cleaners

Specialist Businesses

  • Marketing
  • Advertisement
  • Lead generation
  • Financial services
  • Charities
  • Call Centres

Motor Vehicle

  • Car Sales
  • Tyre Specialists
  • Exhausts
  • Car Finance
  • MOT Specialists
  • Window Tinting
  • Customisation
  • Detailers

Examples: A small business like a pizza shop or off license might use a bronze package and more complex businesses would require a larger service package.

A pub that does meals and has different offers each day, might require a larger service package changing the message to specific daily offers, two for one meals, burger and a free pint, fishy Fridays etc.

Companies that have a fleet of vans for example, would can send local messages out to mobile devices, as the vans move through towns and suburbs etc.

This creates a large monthly revenue stream that is paid monthly and all you do is email a monthly report and follow up on marketing successes to improve the conversion rates.

You are building an ongoing growing income stream.

All technology, sales and marketing training is provided by our team and all technology is managed by our Proxmax back of house team.

The scope for this opportunity is incredible!

The Benefits of ProxMax

  • WOW factor marketing technology not seen since the mobile phone
  • Low start-up cost
  • Unlimited Income Potential
  • No obvious competition
  • Cheap solution to local marketing
  • No buying bundles of SMS texts
  • Powerful message delivery system
  • Simple system to rotate and change ads to suit the business & the
  • timing of offers and specials
  • Adaptable and flexible solutions for ALL businesses
  • All technology is provided and is managed for you
  • Comprehensive back of house design team
  • All ads are designed for you
  • High conversion rate product
  • High retention rate
  • Automated payment and accountancy system
  • Comprehensive training in sales, marketing and customer service
  • Massive growth potential

ProxMax Business Opportunity Summary

  • Be part of an estimated sixty billion dollar industry worldwide.
  • Just launching into the UK.
  • Brand New revolutionary opportunity without competition.
  • Opportunities to purchase multiple territories.
  • A unique offer and opportunity.

Proximity Marketing Technology is a brand new marketing business that creates ongoing income streams.

Be the first to own your own simple and complete solution, with a protected territory, allowing you to grow your business safely.

This technology is revolutionary, and the initial distributors will be in the forefront of leading a digital revolution of this brand new marketing opportunity.

Access to the systems, the product and the rights to distribute, including access to our digital Proximity Marketing Technology and online marketing and sales training on the process, meaning distributors have to follow a simple process, and as the proximity marketing message attracts new users then income grows accordingly.

This makes the initial decision a low risk opportunity for people looking to develop a work from home digital business.

The Proximity Marketing Technology business has the potential to become what you want from a business and if you just want to make a couple of sales a week working part time, or you want to go full time and create a six figure income, then this is the opportunity for you.

You will receive all support and back office facilities and monthly reports to track leads and your own client’s revenues.

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