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UK Website Based Business Opportunity + Page 1 on Google 

Offer from Gold Solutions the No 1 and most voted for Supplier in the world.

And with no skill required whatsoever or commercial premises to pay for this is the perfect chance to build your own business with all the Social Media and Local Business e-shot marketing benefits for your business carried out every month by Gold Solutions for you.

The package has everything that all start-ups need to get through the most critical time of its life – but rarely contained in any start-up under £5000.

It is a high profit low-cost business that requires no technical skills whatsoever.

It comes with completely free and unlimited technical and business building support 7 days a week – and has done so for our worldwide clients for the last 12 years .

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Below is a summary of SOME of what is included in the most AMAZING offer in the UK TODAY!

  1. Gold Plating Kit:
    A Top of The Range GS500 Gold Plating Kit worth £550 alone with extra chemicals allowing you to plate with REAL White, Rose and 24k Yellow Gold, Platinum, Silver, Chrome, Nickel, Copper etc perfectly from day one
  2. Website:
    Your website will be fully optimised and contain your full contact details including Business Name, contact Telephone Number, Business e mail, Custom Designed Video, rolling picture gallery plus lots more Features and Apps

  3. Page 1 of Google: 
    You will be found on Page 1 of Google searches within 1 week of providing your full details with no monthly payments due ever...
    which would normally cost you hundreds of pounds or alternatively take for years to achieve organically 
  4. Social Media Permanent Marketing Campaign: 
    Your business will receive a permanent repeated marketing campaign to hundreds of local businesses introducing your services and products including through the busiest period of the year for the sale of gifts
  5. Local Business Marketing Campaign:
    Your business will receive a permanent repeated marketing campaign to between 200,000 and 500,000 people (depending on the size of your county) introducing your services and products
  6. Press Releases:
    The website will benefit locally from 2 press releases a month published and circulated to all newspapers, TV and Radio stations further raising the profile of the website
  7. Gold Plating Guild:
    You will be permanently registered with the Gold Plating Guild which will also give you a 10% discount on all future orders placed through our online shop plus the Gold Plating Guild logo for your own use which will give you more credibility with the public and trade and set you aside from competitors who are not members of any Guild or Association
  8. Gold Solutions Founder:
    This unique package will be overseen personally by the Founder who has experience over a 12 year period working with thousands of start-ups from all over the world as well as a wealth of knowledge to add to your business
  9. other countless benefits too numerous to detail here

One of the biggest problems all new start-ups is that they rarely have the funds after buying their businesses to add marketing programmes to promote their business and raise their profile due to the high cost of agencies fees who provide these services which taken in total would be well in excess of £1000 in the short term and much more when it is repeated every month.

With the package below created by the Founder of both Gold Solutions and the Gold Plating Guild, it removes both the cost and the time element leaving the business more time to concentrate on creating those products and providing those services that come from the marketing campaign.

Gold Plating products is an incredibly profitable business producing incomes of in excess of £1000 for just 10 hours work with our simple marketing which is included with this package.

No one page document can ever provide all the answers to the vast number of questions potential buyers would and should want answers to, but with a full information pack and our 9:00 am to 9:00 pm email support team 7 days a week .

If you are serious about starting a new business you will not find one that provides all of the benefits above, produces a high income from an untapped marketplace than this does.

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