Become a Professional GDPR Assessor with our Paralegal Training Course!

We Need More People to help us with our GDPR Clients!

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is legislation which applies to every business!

Transition Law provides Legal Services to businesses to help them comply with the new rules.

We are looking for people across the UK to train to be a professional GDPR Assessor.

No Previous Legal Experience required.

Professional Training Course - GDPR Assessor

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) affect ALL businesses. The Transition Law People Academy training course teaches how to professionally assess and advise businesses for compliance.


We teach you everything you need to know to take professional instructions from business owners on our comprehensive course, followed by support and mentoring by our legally qualified staff for as long as you need it.

NB: The training will enable you to source clients and take their instructions but we do NOT expect you to become a Lawyer. (You cannot do that in 2 days!).

However, you don't have to worry, all legal paperwork and documentation is prepared for you by our Head Office team of legal professionals.

This allows you to concentrate on developing your business, finding new clients and enjoying your new status as a professional GDPR Assessor.

GDPR assessors are also supported with Head Office funded advertising. Listen to the latest radio campaign HERE

We firmly believe that running your own business as a GDPR Assessor, combined with the first class training and support we offer at Transition Law, makes good sense and is an excellent entry level method of moving into the Legal arena.

All businesses need a flow of new clients and often a prospective GDPR Assessor is concerned about this area in their new business. We find it is useful to explain a bit about how we help them deal with this situation.

During the training course we teach several methods of client gathering, all compliant with the new data protection laws but the most popular one with both Assessors and prospective clients alike is the Free telephone assessment call.

The telephone calls are dealt with by Head Office staff so require no input from the Assessor and have a very high conversion rate to new business.

A more detailed explanation of a prospective client’s journey with us can be found on our GDPR webpage, which you can see HERE:

The telephone consultancy is entirely free of charge, comprehensive and extremely valuable to the client.

It is immediately followed up with a written report of their compliancy status by email, prompting them to take immediate action, if they are currently in breach of the regulations, which most of them are!

Course Overview: GDPR Assessor - Course Cost £950 Inclusive of:

1) Two full days in the classroom with our legally trained mentoring staff

2) Ongoing Mentoring and lead generation training

3) GDPR Compliant Business paperwork pack.

4) Legal forms, business and ID cards for your business.

5) Full Legal support and back up of an established Law firm

6) Marketing support and advice to build your business

7) Opportunity for advancement to full Paralegal status

8) Course graduates daily earning potential of £245+

The Transition Law S.H.I.E.L.D

Transition Law has developed the World's first GDPR consumer protection website for GDPR compliant businesses to advertise their compliant status!

As a Transition Law Academy Graduate you are in the unique position of being able to offer all of your clients their own Transition Law S.H.I.E.L.D to demonstrate compliance - Free of Charge!

Why Join Transition Law

We find there are as many reasons to consider a career change as there are people!

Transition Law People is the ideal move for those looking to take charge of their own lives and income.

To be successful with Transition Law People you do NOT need any previous Legal knowledge, experience or qualifications.

We know of many People who have conscientiously worked for an employer for many years, only to discover their loyalty and concentrated effort eventually counts for nothing when downsizing and redundancies are made!

This cannot happen with your own business. Take charge of your own life with Transition Law People.

Your previous life experience will help you interact with your new clients and we will teach you everything else you need to know.

Our People come from all walks of life, bringing with them excellent life experiences and transferable skills to their new business.

Eg. Ex-Military people, Ex-Tradespeople, Ex-business people, shop owners, management consultants, Drivers, Pilots and Priests!

You DO need to have an interest in running your own business, a willingness to be coached and learn new skills and the desire to earn good money for yourself, helping people keep themselves and their businesses safe and legal by providing them with the GDPR paperwork and systems they need.

Does This Sound Of Interest?

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