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They offer a revolutionary yet simple product that has proven extremely successful for businesses operating across the world.

Established in 1993, BBX (Business Bank Exchange) is the largest business community of its type in the world. Currently operating in 13 countries with over 100,000 card holders and 250 staff.

The BBX Opportunity

The role itself involves sales to sign up new businesses on the concept of spare capacity.

What BBX offer through their platform is the ability for companies to take on more business without increasing fixed costs.

Businesses with spare capacity are those that have for example, empty tables in a restaurant, slow moving or surplus stock, unfilled appointments, vacant hotel rooms, unsold advertising space etc.

This can all be sold into the BBX community for the equivalent of their cash value to then be used to purchase goods from other members using this BBX credit.

For example, a hotel with empty rooms could offer those rooms in exchange for their equivalent value in BBX to the community which could then be used to purchase goods or services for themselves. Therefore, creating value from their previously unsold empty space.

We therefore need Self-employed Senior Sales Executives who are:

  • Experienced in sales and used to dealing with other businesses (B2B)
  • Consultative and have an entrepreneurial understanding of how businesses can better operate
  • Motivated to build a high passive income by building a portfolio of customers

Training and Support

Those who join will then be put through a full and thorough training program guided by a senior member of the team who will coach and mentor them during the early months in the role.

This will include assistance in gaining initial appointments, attending certain appointments, and coaching them through expanding their client base and business.

Main Tasks to Build a Business:

  • Generate appointments with senior decision makers to visit and close new sales
  • Build and develop strong relationships with new and existing clients
  • Generate further leads through referrals, networking and social media i.e. LinkedIn

Your Earning Opportunity

As well as the sales income you earn, each client you bring in becomes a part of your portfolio and a member of the BBX community, which means that each time they use the service you are credited with a residual commission.

You are therefore building a passive income which pays for the lifetime of that client.

At the open meeting there will be full information and specific examples given with further information and links on the company background and their service.

The top 3 self-employed sales executives in BBX earn over £25,000 per month with the Top Earner earning over £30K.

This is passive income from their built up portfolio which is impressive bearing in mind BBX has only been in the UK for 4 years.

The opportunity as a Senior Sales Executive is on a self-employed basis, therefore please bear in mind:

  • You own the contract rights to each customer you sign up, and therefore the fee income for the lifetime of that client giving you a residual passive income
  • These earnings are not subject to PAYE tax, and any related expenses are tax deductible meaning you keep more of what you earn

Join Our Open Day

There will be an open recruitment day on Saturday the 18th of May at the Sofitel Hotel, North Terminal, Gatwick. Senior members of the team will be in attendance presenting and will meet you on a one to one basis.

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