3degrees Social: A Lifestyle Business That Ticks Every Box


You’re thinking of starting your own business, however you’re not quite sure what that business is yet.

I was in exactly the same position, and so I decided to learn how to make the right choice.

Some of the world’s best entrepreneurs and business coaches, such as Brad Sugars, Robert Kiyosaki and Keith Cunningham have shared their fool-proof methods for buying, building and selling businesses – a checklist if you will to help the budding entrepreneur make truly measured decisions.

After all, it’s good for us to remember a business is only really a vehicle for us to achieve the wealth and free time that we desire.

That said, we want a vehicle we can easily drive, not just one we like the look of.

Here’s the fool-proof checklist of the best businesses to buy or build

We ideally want one that:

  1. Sells a product that is in demand and the client has a need for it, rather than having to create a need in the client's mind
  2. Has a product that we can sell on value rather than a price focused commodity
  3. Has little capital equipment
  4. Has little or no stock
  5. Has little start up costs
  6. Doesn't deal in cash
  7. Can easily train people to deliver on
  8. We can get paid in advance
  9. Is easy to "WOW" the client with your service and generate referrals
  10. Can trade from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world
  11. Is aligned with and helps you move towards your vision

A lifestyle business that ticks all the boxes…

When we decided to franchise our Linkedin Training & Coaching Business and created the 3degrees Social brand, we ran it through this checklist.

Little did my business partner Mary or I know that points 9 & 11 would quickly become the most powerful and prominent parts of our business in ways that we just couldn't have imagined or pre-empted!

Our Franchisees “wow” by adding massive value for the clients they serve, and in turn they get “wow’d” by the continued training and support they receive from Mary and myself.

The opportunities with LinkedIn never cease to amaze, and as the demand for understanding and utilizing this powerful business tool is greater than ever, there’s no better time to enquire about a business that meets demand and ticks all the right boxes.

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