B.J. Books: Peak Season Contracts Available


BJ Books has now been operating in the UK book display marketing industry for over 25 years. We have a well-established network of agents covering exclusive territories on a year-round basis.

45% of our business is done in the last four months of the year, the peak sales season.

Like all national display companies, we occasionally have empty territories: as such we have found it extremely beneficial over recent years to offer short-term contracts to experienced agents to work with us on our unallocated areas for the Christmas period.

Potential sales for a good agent between September 1st and December 24th (16-17 weeks) would be in the range £30,000-£35,000 and we are offering 30% commission.

  • You must be an experienced sales agent and know the system, there is no time for training
  • You will probably have worked for B.J. Books, Book People, Books UK, Dealerfield, Index or a similar organisation
  • You must have a working van and current driving licence
  • You must live on the area available to you, or extremely close, preferably it will be your own previous or current sales territory
  • You must have current storage for at least 150 cartons
  • We do not need or require you to work exclusively for us in the period
  • Number or hours / calls per week can be subject to negotiation, but we prefer someone on the road full-time for the period
  • Stock is supplied on consignment, up to 16 items per cycle, we would plan on giving you three sets in the period

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