Gold Solutions: Gold Plating Kits For Plastic!


Now you can gold plate plastic items simply with these new gold plating kits from Gold Solutions.

Gold Solutions have now introduced their own range of plating kits that allow their thousands of registered clients worldwide to turn ordinary non-metal items into unique 24k gold plated ones., 2/16/2017 - For many years Gold Solutions click here thousands of registered clients worldwide have shown an interest in wishing to electroplate non-metal items as well as already plating metal ones- well now with this new range of plating packages they can.

With a simple to use guide even the most basic novice entering the world of gold plating services and providers of gold plated products direct to the public can create a huge range of unique gifts and products.

The full range of these specialised kits, found here click here, offer a package to suit all budgets and ambitions without the need to invest large sums of money in starting a new and exciting home based business.

Founder of Gold Solutions, Terry George, said "Plating everyday metal items with 24k Gold, Silver, Platinum etc has provided our registered clients with a lucrative (and as yet untapped) income for years now. However with the simplicity of creating even more unique products from non-metal items will give them the opportunity to explode their potential income enormously".

Anyone with less than £1000 can start a highly profitable and virtually new business, and actually have no skill requirement whatsoever in electroplating. With a Gold Solutions Business In-A-Box package they can start earning money the day they open the box.

This coupled with the Gold Solutions tried and tested completely free and unlimited technical and business building support team acting as an unpaid 'partner', buyers of one of their packages at least have a great chance of success.

People looking to make a start in a new business, but maybe are concerned with all the risks that come with starting a new business, might want to contact the founder of Gold Solutions direct to find out more about what they offer - and why they are rather unique in how they work.

To quote Terry George "Customer Service and After Sales Service is pretty dead in the UK nowadays and it is all you can do to even reach a 'living' person when you make a call to suppliers. As over 99% of all contact made with our company from all over the world is by e-mail, the few that do telephone are guaranteed to get directly through to me before they can speak with anyone else - now that is unique?

We also have in excess of 99.5% of our thousands of registered customers awarding us a 5* rating - and that is after 10years so we do what we say"

According to Start-Up Britain, over 600,000 new start-up businesses were reported here click here in 2015, but unfortunately there is a high attrition rate of failures in this sector.

When you consider the reasons for failure it is pretty clear that most of the reasons self imposed - see this report from the Chairman of the FSB in 2013 here click here.

However if buyers of a Gold Solutions package take full advantage of the completely free support service that comes with every kit, coupled with a desire to work themselves and avoid all the pitfalls detailed in the FSB report they at least have a significantly greater chance than the 60%-80% who fail within 5 years - success still has to be earned!

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