'I Need A Career Change' he said - Could Franchising be the answer?


We had contact from a gentlemen last week ringing us up for some general advice on whether he should be looking at starting his own business under a franchise or licence model.

In a very deflated tone he explained how he simply couldn’t carry on in his current employment, finding each day more of a struggle than the last.

He didn’t feel overly secure in his job and felt that the rewards just didn’t match his efforts. On a more basic level, he really just didn’t enjoy the work anymore.

So why am I telling you this. Well this is a conversation we have with people on a weekly basis. This gentlemen was in his early thirties so had many more years of work ahead of him and felt it was time for a complete change. He wanted a new opportunity (not just a job) that would reward him better personally and financially and mean that he didn’t wake up each morning with such dread at the thought of the day ahead.

So after some discussion we went through various franchise/ business opportunity options. Although not huge amounts, he did have money to invest but didn’t know where to start (hence where we came in). The thought however of running his own business, creating something long term for him to enjoy and really be proud of sounded very appealing. Seeing that there were such great low cost options out there gave him real excitement.

It does make me wonder how many people out there are in the same boat. After speaking in further detail about the types of opportunities available to him I could hear his voice change and enthusiasm grow.

It reinforced to me the fantastic opportunities that buying into a franchise or alternative business opportunity really offers people and how many people it could really benefit.

Not that for one second am I suggesting that everyone even slightly unhappy in their job should just buy a franchise but it seems that many really don’t enjoy their work or feel they aren’t getting their just rewards. Franchises offer a real chance of change for so many people and only highlights why the franchise industry is growing at such a rapid pace.

So if you find yourself even remotely in this situation, it is always worth assessing your options. Seeing what else you can do. We speak to numerous people who have made that jump and have never looked back and I am sure will speak to many more in the future.

Maybe it is time for you to make that change. It may just open a whole new working future for you and a better life for you and your family going forward. Don’t wait until it is too late, look at your options out there. It might just be the best move you could make!

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