Life Choices Global: ​10 Steps To Achieving A Better Work-Life Balance And Financial Freedom


10 Steps to achieving a better work-life balance and financial freedom

Step 1: Decide What You Want

Decide what you ultimately want in life

At school you are taught to be an employee. Work for an employer for 45 – 50 years.

You are not taught how to achieve success, how to achieve a work – life balance or how to become financially secure. The normal alternative to a job is you buy an expensive business or franchise. Failure rate very high.

Step 2:

  • Find a vehicle to enable you to achieve what you ultimately want from life. By vehicle we mean a way for you to achieve it in your own time frame.
  • We offer a proven business model with no big start up costs and supported at every stage by your own personal business coach.

Step 3:

  • Be prepared to do whatever it takes (legally!) to achieve your ultimate goals.
  • We suggest our 2 - 5 year plan to achieve financial security and a work-life balance.
  • We listen to what you want to achieve then work with you to achieve it and have fun along the way.

Step 4: Assess 3 Traditional Income Earning Options

A Job

  • No long term security
  • No control over your time or income
  • Limited income growth
  • Full time

A Traditional Business

  • Risky
  • High investment
  • 24/7

A Franchise

  • A mixture of the above!

Step 5: Understand The Concept of Royalty Income

  • “An income that offers you financial security within 2 – 5 years and carries on coming in, once the work you’ve done to create it has stopped”
  • Option 1: 45 – 50 years work and no security or pension worth speaking about with a job or traditional business
  • Option 2: Our 2 -5 year proven plan.

Step 6: Explore Opportunities To Earn Royalty Type Income

  • Write a book or a song?
  • A pension ??
  • Return on large investments?
  • A royalty creating business. That’s us.

Step 7: Look At What You Are Prepared To Do?

  • What time can you re-allocate to change your life?
  • Can you allocate 2-5 hours, 10 hours or 30 or more hours per week?
  • Are you prepared to work consistently for a period of time e.g. 1 year to really learn your trade with us, 3-5 years to “retire”?
  • Ask yourself, would it be worth it?

Step 8: Research Good Royalty Creating Businesses

  1. Do they have a track record of success
  2. A product or service that you are interested in
  3. A market place that is large and growing
  4. Immediate and ongoing cash flow
  5. Global expansion opportunities
  6. Financially secure
  7. An excellent coaching and support structure
  8. Online AND physical presence
  9. Do you like the people who will be coaching you?

Step 9: Get Going

  • Start with us.
  • Write down your goals
  • With your business coach, create a plan.
  • Be completely teachable, don’t re-invent the wheel
  • Know that, like anything new, the early stages can be uncomfortable, everything new is like that. Commit to working closely with your coach and doing all the activity and training we suggest.
  • What a relief. You’re not on your own

Step 10: Keep Going Until You Get “There” 2 – 5 year Plan

  • Let’s plan it together.
  • What level of income will allow you to leave work and give up what you are doingto be your OWN boss?
  • What level of income do you need 12 months from now, 2 years from now and 5 years from now and when you have this level of income?
  • What are the benefits to you and the people you care about?

What do you have to lose by finding out more?

Article published by Jeff and Jean Drew, Life Choices Global

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