Life Choices Global: The People Behined The Business


Jeff and Jean Drew came from very different business backgrounds but were both very successful in their own right.

However despite this, they decided to take the jump into starting their own Network Marketing business. But Why? CBO spoke directly with them to find out what made them want to leave their successful careers and take the next step into self employment.

"Jean and I come from completely different backgrounds. Jean did everything right. Got the MBA and Business Degrees and climbed right to the top of her corporate ladder. Fantastic money and fantastic stress levels and time commitments. She had no time for herself or her family. The more successful she became, the worst life got for her.

For 20 years before we started this business in October 1997, I had been running what I term “Traditional Businesses”. I had a hotel in Cornwalll, sports and leisure businesses and my last business was a series of franchises.

Again fantastic money, but I was working 18 hour days, 7 days a week and hadn’t had a day off in the previous 4 years.

One day, Jean and I sat down and said “Every year we’re becoming more successful and every year life is getting worst”, lets do something about it".

1. What aspects of your previous job/ career did you not like and made you consider starting your own business?

"Although financially we were well rewarded with our chosen careers, with more success came more demands on our time. We had a life with absolutely no style to it. With more success and promotions, our life just got worst. That’s why we decided to do something about it and look for the next big market place boom and the right business that would secure us for the future".

2. What Franchise/ Business Opportunity options did you initially research and consider?

"We did a lot of research looking for the next big thing. Everything told us that “Health & Wellness, Health & Nutrition was going to be the next big market place boom”, which as you can see is exactly what’s going on out there right now. We set up our business in these markets initially on a part time basis, alongside Jeans job and my business.7 months later we both gave up the stressful day jobs and we’ve never looked back.

We enjoy several months a year holiday, work flexible hours from home and earn income’s most corporate executives can only ever dream of earning. To us this is so important. It’s not just about earning great money it’s getting the work-life balance right. We’ve also enjoyed amazing health in the last 20 years and without great health, what do you have?".

3. What was is about your current business that initially attracted you?

"I drove from Torquay to Exeter and met a couple who gave me an overview of this business and answered all of my questions. It wasn’t the money that grabbed my attention, we had great money.

This was October 27th 1997 and this couple had already enjoyed several months holiday that year, they looked really healthy and after showing me this business, they were finished for the day and were going to lunch with their daughter and granddaughter. It was the lifestyle, freedom and choices this business had to offer that really attracted me. I then went home and explained what I had seen to Jean and the thought of being in control of our income and future while enjoying a better work-life balance really appealed to both of us".

4. Explain how your business has grown from start to present?

"Our business has grown beyond all recognition. Within only the first year our business went global and we’ve received income’s from countries all over the world for 20 years now. After only 3 years we were financially secure forever. 

After 5 years we were also able to start investing in our property portfolio and every year our business continues to grow. We still have to pinch ourselves sometimes but we know it was the decisions we made 20 years ago that has allowed us and our family to enjoy a life others only dream of".

5. How did you find the early stages of starting and growing your new business?

"To start with neither of us had any spare time, but we knew if we didn’t change our thinking and our actions nothing would change and we’d be in the same position 5 years from now. We didn’t want that.

For 7 months we fitted our new business into the nooks and crannies of our day.10 minutes here, an hour there and going off to the occasional training day.7 months later we had enough confidence in this business to say good by to our stressful job and business that we thought we would have to do forever. We were advised to learn and be good students, and everything we were told would happen has more than happened".

6. What are the key elements that you are most impressed with about this business?

"Flexibility and unlimited incomes. From the start, this business allowed us to continue with our current careers and run this alongside without affecting what we were doing.

Royalty incomes. Jean calls this “Sitting on a beach and drinking out of a coconut money”. Once this business is established, the income’s come in whether you work or not. Certainly within 2 – 5 years we were earning more money every month as a royalty income then we could have ever done with any pension after 50 years of working.

The choices this business has given us means we decide when and for how long we want to go on holiday and we still work flexible hours from home.

Stability and long-term security as all of the markets we operate in are independently shown to grow for decades to come.

We have a proven business model that works every time and we have a laugh. We take this business seriously but not ourselves.

Oh, and did I mention this business offers unlimited incomes and a global business opportunity".

7. Who do you think this opportunity would be best suited to?

"Someone looking for a change and prepared to do something about it. Someone with a glass half full attitude.

Success in our business or any other business is about having the right attitude. Successful people weren’t always successful, they made a decision to become successful, (attitude).

They’re prepared to shift their mind-set from thinking they need a job and an employer and a wage, or they have to sink tens of thousands of pounds into buying a traditional business or franchise. Changing that mind-set".

They have compelling reasons to do this.

  • They have big dreams, want to improve their lives in some way.
  • Personal development is a large benefit with us, so someone with a learning attitude. Self disciplined and can focus on tasks.
  • They have a sincere desire to help people and make a difference.
  • They are prepared to give this 2 – 5 years.

8. In your own words, what would you say to anyone considering joining your business?

"Do it. It will be the best decision they would ever make".

9. What are your goals/ aims for the future?

"Our continued goal is to help more and more people around the world achieve financial security and a work-life balance by developing a successful business with us.

We love what we do and have great fun. Why wouldn’t we? We help the right people who’s currently not achieving everything they want from life to achieve everything and more than they ever thought possible and have fun along the way. Sounds perfect to us".

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