Revital-U: ​New Chief Science Officer Joins the Revital-U Revolution


I would like to introduce our new "Chief Science Officer" her name is Anjana Srivastava.

30 days ago she was the president of the wellness side of AVON.

Avon have 6.4 million reps and now she has left them and joined joined Revital U International.

There can only be one reason. She sees where we are going and wants to be part of it.

This is a major step forward to have someone of her calibre and experience in formulating products is a game changer for us and shows that we are not and will not be just another "coffee company" our coffee and caps have full scientific backing.

It was also announced that our company is going to spend A LOT of money having the coffee sent for clinical trials!

We do not "have" to do that but we will do "whatever it takes" to get these products in as many households all over the world to change people's lives and health.

So if you are now thinking “ this is really starting to look like an interesting business opportunity” then get in touch we would love to speak to you.

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