Connectbrand: These Franchisees Are Happy They Joined


Here's what existing Connectbrand Partners had to say about this exciting low cost business opportunity.

"What can I say the training gave me a lot of confidence after speaking with James and Marcus they made me feel like part of the big family at connectbrand and can’t wait for the success that is going to come from joining connectbrand.

I’ve made my money back before the training finished very happy and can’t wait to see the future that connectbrand holds. 

It’s made me think of adding North Manchester".

Jonathan Edmundson age 24
South Manchester Franchisee

“Having now completed two long and very interesting training days, it is very cleat that I took the right decision in joining the Connect Brand business enterprise. The potential to develop and grow a business with limitless potential is so exciting.

With Connect Brand, the company make you feel like a partner not a standalone Franchisee. It was very clear from the first meeting and throughout the training programme that Marcus and James remain as passionate and focused in ensuing everyone in the team will be successful in their territories. I can not recommend this business opportunity highly enough.”

Dave Watson
Connectbrand Franchisee

"James, just to say it was great to meet you and the connect brand team over the past couple of days and to find out all about the company and where it is heading. The training was exceptional and covered everything which I am still digesting.

You and the team certainly know your stuff, and I am glad to be a part of that team going forward and upwards.

Thank you"

Connectbrand Franchisee

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