MYRTB: 2 New Territories Up and Running


MYRTB enable and support eligible UK council tenants to become home owners by purchasing their properties under the governments Right to Buy Scheme.

The role of the Territory Manager (TM)/ (you) is to support and assist the client through the whole process.

Flexible* working is a key advantage, as the business can be run if necessary whilst you continue with a job.

MYRTB already have 2 Territory Manager areas up and running:

  1. One is being run in the Midlands and was the test bed for constructing the business processes; this has been in operation for the past three years and operates very profitably. This business runs full time
  2. The second is a new start up in Manchester and is already producing pipeline revenue and is only being run part time at the moment. This person has never been in this type of business before and wanted a clean break, which this business provided him with, and still left him time to earn money in his current job.

Both the above territory managers will be more than happy to discuss the business with you, if you are a serious applicant for the Territory Manger role.

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