Nationwide Cleaners: Administrator Reaches 200 Clients


An administrator for a Nationwide Cleaners branch has attained 200 regular cleaning clients working just 4 hours a day on weekdays in the daytime.

This provides an income of c.£60,000 per year with low overheads.

She does not need to work in evenings, on weekends or public holidays.

She runs the branch on behalf of the branch's owner. Once she was up to speed with the daily tasks, there was very little work for the owner to do and he is able to enjoy passive income every month.

Numerous Nationwide Cleaners franchisees hire a part-time administrator or manager to deal with the large number of clients wishing to have a cleaner and with the many cleaning staff.

The head office can assist with the selection and training of a suitable administrator.

Some franchisees work part-time in order to supplement an insufficient pension so as to possess more choices in their semi-retirement that would otherwise be restricted by financial pressure.

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