Nationwide Cleaners: Adrian


Adrian, a taxi driver in Huntingdon, recently invested in a Nationwide Cleaners franchise in Northamptonshire.

Having just completed his initial training, he is very keen to start building his business and is in the process of recruiting cleaners and leaflet delivery staff. His cleaning leaflets will be going out in multiple towns within the next few weeks which will produce his first cleaning clients.

Selecting experienced cleaners will ensure that the clients are happy with the quality of the service and will remain with him for a long time. The reassurance of a money back guarantee if he follows the proven system is also there. With an enormous 200,000 house territory, he is setting his sights on expanding across Northampton, Kettering, Corby, Wellingborough and Rushden.

He will never have to engage in any actual cleaning himself, as he has a management role. Despite the dire January weather,

2016 is looking bright!

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