Nationwide Cleaners: Franchisee Grows His Business


Adrian, a taxi driver in Huntingdon, started in late January part-time around his existing career with the aim of switching full-time to his new business when it generates enough money.

Due to his own effort, following the proven system and asking for advice if he is not sure what to do in any situation, he has achieved over 30 clients in 2 months.

Northampton has been a great area and Kettering has been surprisingly productive.

Leads have come in from the beginning from our leaflet distribution service websites which have enabled him to hire some leaflet distributors to deliver his cleaning leaflets door to door for free alongside the client’s leaflets.

 Essentially, he is running 2 companies (with our training and full support.) These are a leaflet distribution service and a cleaning service. As it is early days, he has plenty of questions to make sure he is approaching it correctly.

It will be interesting to see where he is up to by Christmas, as he approaches the first anniversary of his new business, but I am sure he will be doing very well.

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