Nationwide Cleaners: Tanaka Mukanhairi Is A 'Very Happy' Franchisee


Nationwide Cleaners

Tanaka Mukanhairi

Nationwide Cleaners, one of the UK's premier domestic cleaning and ironing franchises, is offering you the opportunity to earn a fantastic living operating your own cleaning franchise.

This flexible, work from home, white collar, management franchise in the home help industry is providing you with the chance to grow your business with low overheads and risk all with a full money back guarantee*.


This flexibility being able to work from home first attracted franchisee, Tanaka Mukanhairi after the birth of his first child. 

He speaks to us about what made him want to start his own franchise business, why he chose Nationwide Cleaners and his vision for the future.

"I have always wanted to own a business when I was younger, purely for the freedom it can allow me to have and also because of the potential high income it can bring. 

I have always worked for businesses and never enjoyed been told what to do everyday, nor did I enjoy working long hours sometimes starting at 06:00am and getting back home after 18:30pm. 

My biggest push which helped me start investigating franchising was my new-born baby as I wanted a business that I could run from home so I didn't miss out on precious moments. 

I looked around for a couple of months until I come across Nationwide Cleaners. I did my research on the franchise, read the franchisee experiences and I spoke to Peter who explained everything to me which filled me with a lot of confidence to make my mind up straight away. 

To this day, even in a pandemic I'm feeling very positive that my business will be successful and I'm very much looking forward to growing it as the days, weeks and months go on. Peter and Alex are only a text/call away if you need assistance, so are other franchisees so you won't be thrown in the deep end!"

Tanaka Mukanhairi - Ipswich & Colchester Franchisee

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