Oven Wizards: James Booker - Maidstone


James joined Oven Wizards in Sept 2006 and renewed his agreement for a further 5 years in 2011. 

James said the following regarding his decision to choose Oven Wizards at the outset: 

"I looked at many franchises before choosing Oven Wizards and I know without a doubt that I made the right choice. 

Oven cleaning is going through an exciting period of growth and Oven Wizards is perfectly placed to grow with the industry. 

My Oven Wizards business has given me the work-life balance that my previous job never did. Working hard reaps its rewards but I still have the flexibility to take time to enjoy life." 

When James was asked “Why did you choose to renew with Oven Wizards?” he said: 

"After 8 years building my Oven Wizards business I have been delighted with how well it has developed. I have a 3 van operation and we are kept busy. I still see massive scope for further development and so the decision to renew was not in question. I look forward to many more years running an Oven Wizards franchise". 

Mark Abbott, Managing Director, said of James: 

"From the first time I met James I knew he would make a great success of running an Oven Wizards franchise, particularly because of his great passion for customer service". 

He went on to say: 

"New franchisees have joined us from all sorts of backgrounds, teaching, civil service, retail management, police and those who have been self- employed before. We look for people who are seeking a new challenge, wanting a better work/life balance and those who wish to build a successful profitable business they can be proud of.

We have thoroughly enjoyed sharing our business ethos with our new franchisees and it is great to see them doing so well in their own territories". 

James believes that Oven Wizards is progressing well under the ownership of Mark Abbott and his business partner John Graham. 

James said.. 

"The business has gone from strength to strength - not only in numbers but also in terms of focus, direction, support and ‘community". 

James went on to say: 

"My previous employment chiefly taught me customer service and keeping an eagle eye on figures to monitor performance. Customer service in this business is paramount to make sure people keep coming back to you, and closely watching cost targets keeps you on top of your business". 

James has continued to develop his successful business under the Oven Wizards brand and, with over 26 million households in the UK having at least one oven, the growing domestic oven cleaning market offers great potential, for James and his colleagues, to delight their customers.

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