Oven Wizards: Ray White - Kings Langley


Approximately one year before I joined Oven Wizards I began to realise the company I was working for could not guarantee me a secure future. 

I decided to look for a business of my own, in particular, a franchise that would help me set- up and support me, especially in the early months. 

I attended a franchise exhibition to assess my options but had already decided on a cleaning type business. 

I arranged to meet a couple of domestic cleaning franchisors but felt this would be more of a management type business rather than hands on. 

As I’d been in management for the previous 17 years I was looking for something different. 

I decided on oven cleaning and started to look into available franchises. I met one company supported by a large infrastructure and felt the majority of the very high franchise fee would go towards supporting this infrastructure! 

I discovered Oven Wizards on a franchise web site. After reading about the company on their site, and looking at the opportunities they offered franchisees, I made contact and arranged a meeting with John and Mark. 

As soon as we met I knew we could work together. Both John and Mark were very professional; they were there to help me start my own business and the concerns I had about taking this big step were alleviated. They explained the structure of the Oven Wizards’ brand and the steps, training, costs and timeframe I would be looking at before I could start earning money. 

I signed on the dotted line and the process started according to the timelines I requested. I received a weeks on the job training in the Cotswolds followed by 3 days training in Dartford with an established Oven Wizards’ franchisee. 

There was also 3 days business builder training carried out by John and Mark. This was aimed at teaching me how to run a business, which was invaluable. 

After my training, Oven Wizards arranged a business launch at a local supermarket and supported me in promoting my business and making my first bookings. 

From this initial start things have gone from strength to strength. Whenever I have a problem or something I am not sure of John and Mark are always available to discuss and advise on the best course of action. 

This is also the case with other Oven Wizards’ franchisees. Everyone helps each other. 

After my first 3 years things are going really well and the diary is full. 

When it comes to buying a franchise, I have made the right decision by joining Oven Wizards. I looked at the market place and spoke to various franchisors; I didn’t jump in without doing the work up front. It took me about 8 months to make my final decision and this due diligence has paid off as I am now the owner of a successful oven cleaning business.

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