Paymentsense: Payments Consultants Success Stories - Jamie Coade


Having been a café owner, a shop owner and a sales rep in the hospitality sector, Jamie had the right background for a role as one of our Payments Consultants. And, after four years, he’s now a regular among our top ten Super sellers. We asked him about his experience with Paymentsense and his approach to his work.

How did you start with Paymentsense?

I’d been looking around for something new, but a lot of sales jobs weren’t well paid. You got a basic wage, and the bonus packages weren’t great. So, when I saw the Paymentsense sales job advert, I thought I’d give it a try.

I didn’t have any expectations, but I’d been self-employed for four years previously and enjoyed it, so that stood out for me. Anyway, they called me back in an hour, and I was on the course two weeks later.

What did you think of the training?

It was very intense, but it clicked with me early on. There was no problem with the tech end of it, and I got my head around the rates pretty quickly.

How was your first day?

I got out there quickly, which really helped. I started the day after the course finished and I had two sales in on that day. After the first two, I got the hang of it fairly quickly.

I wasn’t afraid of cold calling. I’d been through that before, and my commission was paid within a few days so I saw straight away that I could make money.

I guess it helps when you have experience of the work.

Yes, as a concession manager before, I’d seen guys come in and they mightn’t do anything for three or four weeks. If you wait that long, it gets very hard to remember what you’re doing or to get any consistency. So, it was good that I got out there quickly.

How do you get your customers?

Back when I started out, four and a half years ago, there weren’t too many players in the Irish market, so people were open to changing – and there were big savings back then too.

I decided to concentrate on Connect and the whole integration side of things. That’s all I do now. With Connect, you’re selling something completely different, so rates and savings don’t come into it until near the end of the sale. And, by then, you’ve either done it or lost it.

No other companies are competitive to us in this area, and about 80% of customers are still not integrated at all, so that’s my main thing.

Are people generally happy about the integration?

Yes, especially now with COVID. Anyone that wasn’t interested in it before certainly is now because nobody wants to touch the terminal. And it’s also safer for staff.

What tips have you got that have improved your performance?

"For me, the less said, the better. I let the customers speak – let them get all their pain points out. Don’t tell them what they want; let them tell you what they want. That’s my biggest thing. A lot of times, if you’re not careful, you can talk yourself out of a sale".

What’s your initial approach?

I’m not big on pitches. I don’t have the same kind of pitch for everybody. When I first go in,I’m more about being friendly and getting a bit of conversation going.

How do you keep your confidence up? 

You just need patience. It’s possible to have three really great weeks and then hit a slump for a fortnight. So, I keep telling myself: ‘Give it time, give it time.’ And then it comes back around.It’s a mad cycle.

If you get too stressed or anxious about a sale, you can subconsciously become too pushy. So,I try and stay relaxed.

Talking about relaxing, how do you find the lifestyle with this job?

I enjoy it, though I find the work/life balance hard because I feel like I’m always on. So, I try to take a bit of time away from it now and then.

You’ve also been on some of the trips

Yes, Malaga was the first one and, since then, I’ve been to Vegas, Monaco, Barcelona and thenRio back in February. They’re great, and they’re a real incentive. But, for me, it’s more about getting into the top ten.

What advice would you give somebody starting out as a Payments Consultant?

The big thing is to work as hard as you can, at least for the first three months. Work hard, be patient, and it will come. The more people you can speak to, the more chance you have of getting a sale.

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