Your Mortgage Plus: Radiant Remortgage Review


Helen has been absolutely amazing throughout the journey.

It started off with my decision to remortgage my house. I needed a person who would be fully committed to seeing this through, you often hear other people relive their horror stories, they talk about the enormous amount of stress they felt dealing with solicitors, the sleepless night they endured and how long it took before they were able to say the process had been completed.

For that reason I chose to go through a broker, I didn’t want to go through all that stress, I needed someone to take the headache out of my hands and to do all the pushing along and chasing on my behalf.

My knowledge or experience in the whole mortgage process is very limited, I don’t know the various stages that take place before completion. I don’t understand the jargons and what they mean so I needed someone who would explain everything to me in a simple basic relatable way.

From the very outset I found Helen was fully onboard she took a genuine interest in trying to find the best deal for me. She acknowledged and addressed my concerns, she patiently answered all my questions in full, believe me I had lots of things buzzing around in my head that I needed to get a better understanding off before I was to enter into anything.

Helen presented all the options available to me, she explained all the pros and cons of each deal to give me the full picture to allow me to make my informed decision.

I was very impressed with Helen, the service she provided was exemplary, she is absolutely brilliant. I found her very professional and the most organised person you would ever meet. She is very customer centric, she would txt email or ring me to provide updates on progress every step or to remind me of our next meeting and what documents I needed to send off.

I was very fortunate in that mine was a straightforward remortgage, with no extra borrowing so I was expecting a smooth journey but thanks to Helen we got there in no time at all.

I would highly recommend Helen I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done.

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