The Society of Will Writers

The Society of Will Writers & Estate Planning Practitioners (The Society of Will Writers for short) was established in 1994 and registered at Companies House (02918900) as a company Limited by Guarantee.

Originally our mandate was as a representative body, but due to the lack of statutory regulation on Will Writing we took on the role as a self-regulatory trade body.

The Society, was established in the April of 1994. The company is almost entirely funded by members subscriptions and income from training.

Five years ago, although we have offered training for 19 years, we opened the College of Will Writing here in Lincoln, and it has become one of our most successful enterprises, offering start up 4-day courses every month.

Anyone looking to get started does not have to wait, although such is the popularity that courses are often oversubscribed. The College building is used exclusively for our needs, so in such cases we can and do put on additional courses to accommodate demand

The Society of Will Writers: Self- Employed Business Opportunity

The Society, celebrating 25 years in business this year, is looking to offer more business opportunities and to ensure that we can offer the support and training needed, especially for anyone considering self-employment for the first time.

As a member of the Society there is no limit to the help, advice and support that is available to you, normally as part of your annual membership, for as long as you maintain your membership according to the Society’s Code of Practice.

As a member of the Society of Will Writers, you will be making appointments to see people in the comfort and privacy of their own home to talk through their estate planning needs including Wills, powers of attorney, tax advice (within the Will), probate, lifetime trusts, will trusts etc.

The Society of Will Writers Services Offered

A will writer today is no longer just a Will writer; however, Wills and Will trusts and estate planning;

  • Provide powers of attorney
  • Advise on and provide the UK’s most affordable and well known pre-plan funeral plan
  • Access to probate that is the handling of a person’s estate when they die, through the SWW Trust Corporation,
  • Life time trusts, preservation assets during the client’s lifetime.
  • Document storage

Membership and Training Options

  •  Annual Membership Initial cost £400 dropping to £325 annually
  • PII – dependant on turnover but lower end £500 pa £2.5m cover
  • Software - £69.00 per month licence
  • Training - £590 4-day course plus accommodation.
  • These are the 4 main costs to getting started, but even these can be reduced by taking a start-up package which for the first year can reduce the software and PII costs to nil, and all costs can be spread out over the year if needed.

Apart from training, we offer all our members free technical help and support both in start-up and more experienced levels;

  • Will drafting software
  • Training
  • Unique Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • 20 regional groups giving most members easy access to local support
  • Annual conference
  • Technical literature
  • Design assistance and printing
  • Business start-up advice and help
  • Document storage
  • Access to probate and trustee service within our group
  • Monthly CPD online training, a condition of membership which is free as part of your membership
  • Weekly newsletters and bulletins
  • Customer facing SWW Focus or e mag

The Financials

The initial cost of becoming a professional Will Writer, we consider to be very affordable less that £3,000 can get you started.

This is not a franchise and no license required, however training is essential as is maintaining your annual CPD requirement and maintaining an agreed professional indemnity policy in place.

  • Initial investment required – None other than the above costs
  • Expected returns for investment – In 2007 the last major survey showed that in England and Wales alone there were 27 million adults who did not have a valid Will. In real terms, per client you can expect to earn around £180 for a very basic family Will to well in excess of £1,400, for a complex estate where Will trusts and other products and services may be required
  • LPA’s retain for between £175 - £350
  • Commissions on Pre-Paid funeral plans are £325 per plan sold

Why Join The Society of Will Writers?

There are many benefits to joining the Society of Will Writers, the most obvious being that it suits every one;

  • Mothers looking for additional income whilst bringing up a family
  • It can be a valuable addition to an existing business
  • It could be someone who has left the armed forces and wants a part time job
  • Someone who has taken early retirement

It may involve travel to clients and will involve evening and some weekend appointments as this is possibly the only time you can see a couple together if one or both work.

All you need is dedication, commitment and willing to work hard.

We have members who have been writing wills for over 25 years and became members in 1994 and are still members and trading today.

Business Summary

We would say that after 25 years doing what we do, we do know what we are doing – at least I hope we do.

We are the largest and leading organisation of our type representing this profession.

But most of all we treat all our members equally, and we treat them as they should be, professional business people, we help and assist where needed, or where requested.

It’s their business and their client is never ours. The Society was created as an independent body and still is today.

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