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Start Your Own Multi-Million Pound Digital Marketing Business

- No Experience Necessary

- We Show You How Step By Step

Low cost only £495 or £50 per month over 10 months

Monthly rolling payment contract, cancel anytime guarantee 

This is your opportunity to start your own multi-million pound digital marketing business.

  • £200 billion market place
  • Extremely low competition
  • No technical knowledge or skills required

This incredible opportunity is limited to the first ten ONLY.

Let Assist Marketing Group help you start your own highly profitable multi-million pound business. We do all the setup and even work with you to get clients on board, clients that will be paying you month after month.

Work the hours you want from anywhere in the world.

We are a team of highly skilled individuals, each experts in their field, copywriting, SEO, PPC, SEM, social media, inbound and out bound, online and off line, direct and indirect.

We show you all the exact tools, systems and platforms that will get your business from a start up to high growth in next to no time.

You don’t need SEO skills also known as search engine optimisation and you don’t need Wordpress or PHP or Adobe skills for designing websites.

You don’t need to spend £2,500 to £10,000 on getting trained as a digital marketing technician or pay thousands of pounds in franchise fees and royalties, and above all else you don’t need any qualifications or any experience of any kind other than a can do attitude and the desire to succeed with a passion.

The Assist Marketing Business Opportunity


This is a unique opportunity for you to acquire your own highly profitable MULTI-MILLION pound digital marketing agency.

We take you step by step on a budget that suits you to put together your brand, website and your services.

With-our skills as MBA’s and Digital Marketing experts certified by Google, Microsoft and Facebook we show you that you only need to know some basics, your project manager will know all the technical.

This incredible turnkey operation comes with great training, support, tried and tested simple processes and an exceptionally rich prospect list.

Assist Marketing Group are offering this opportunity across the UK, you can operate under your own brand and there is also an opportunity to operate under the respected Assist Marketing Group brand.

If you choose to build your business under our brand, you can be utilising our technical team, our tools and systems and skill set along with one of our project managers.

Your new business will build very quickly to one that has a great value, a business that can be sold or passed on to your children. So you will be building something substantial for the future.

No Experience Necessary – No Technical Skills Are Required

No problem if you have no experience in digital marketing as our tech teams take on all the complex back end management.

We have unique marketing strategies to attract clients that you will learn, either working with us a partner or doing it for yourself, either way we support you to the level you require.

This leaves you free to build relationships with new and existing clients.

“Get the freedom you have always wanted from owning your own business together with the guarantee of success.”

  • Work the hours you want
  • Work from anywhere in the world
  • Part time or full time
  • Proven business model
  • Existing clients available


This is a real business, you can run from anywhere in the world. Part time or full time.

You could run your new business alongside your existing job. You may even decide to build a team to help you grow your business.

Whichever way you go we are here to support you and help you grow your business, after all your success is our success.

The main thing you have to decide is how will you enjoy the profits?

Training and Support

We will train you in proven simple methods to attract and retain clients, which we take over providing all of the technical skills required should you want us to.

Absolutely no selling is required, as we identify the problems and you share the solutions to your client’s problems, in turn they will be asking you to help them.

We also run national awareness campaigns, webinars and local workshops that you can invite prospective clients to for free.

Why Join Assist Marketing Group

  • Be your own boss
  • A fraction of the price of a franchise
  • Work from home
  • Low investment – Very high return

Limited Time Opportunity

We are limiting the number of people we allow to join to only ten. This is because we want to make sure any one that joins us has our full support and can hit the ground running.

Why do we only charge what we charge when you are getting so much value?

Well it’s because there is more than enough to go around, and most agencies work together by passing work to one another, do you think IBM, Microsoft and Google don’t pass work onto other technology companies?

Of course they do, India has been one location to benefit from these relationships.

Our forecasts indicate that by year three your business should be returning well over £100,000 per year.

We share with you where to build your team of technicians, and help you do that with the selection and interview processing, you only pay your team per project basis, so you don’t have any wage or staff costs like a traditional business does. Of course there will be a point where you have offices and a big team working in your offices but starting out you don’t need any!

If you are ready to take the next leap in your life and create an outstanding business that is worth 10 to 30 times its turnover in the next 3 to 5 years and pay you well throughout your journey then get in touch as we can only work with a limited number of clients like you each month, as once we are full then you must wait till our next opening.

Don’t let the thought of not being able to operate a computer that the opportunity isn’t for you, as this opportunity is for the person that doesn’t need to know how to operate a computer but knows how to build relationships with people, communication and your character is all that is required for you to be successful.

JOIN US FOR JUST £495 or 10 monthly payments of £50

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