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Are you finding it harder to work for a boss?

Have you always wanted a better work/life balance?

Then build your own business. Start part time or full time.

Discover the business model that experts are calling “a refreshing alternative” to franchising.

Annual Spend on Personal Development

The Opportunity

Our sales directors work for themselves under an authorised representative model and earn very well for themselves while enjoying a tremendous self regulated lifestyle and building equity in a business that they may one day decide to sell.

- Uncapped commissions

- Full training & support for qualified candidates

- Ability to earn immediate income

- Full or part-time available

- NO cold calling or approaching friends & family


The Person

Our existing sales directors have come from diverse backgrounds: from sales and marketing, to law, accounting, general management, customer service, business owners, to stay at home mums and dads looking to return to the work force.

They all have one thing in common and that is to build a stronger financial wall around themselves and their family’s that is sustainable throughout even the most hostile of economic climates.

You Will Be Someone Who:

  • Has a professional manner & positive outlook
  • Possesses the ability to work autonomously and is self-motivated
  • Is highly motivated to create success for yourself
  • Is a 'big thinker' and sees yourself as being capable of making an executive-level income
  • Wants to enjoy the wide-ranging benefits of running your own business on a self-employed basis

The Rewards

By following our simple 3 step system, on a part time basis, you have the potential to earn an executive level income without the stress of corporate politics. Our global organisation continues to record growth year on year, with 2019/20 set for greater expansion.

Work from anywhere simply with your laptop and phone to earn extraordinary money, enjoy an interesting and professional occupation, all the while introducing the work/life balance you’ve always wanted.

Join an enthusiastic, growing team who offer collegial support. Ongoing professional development opportunities for successful applicants.

The Product

This is an educational program that allows you to gain a greater understanding of how each individual creates their life.

Using this course will assist anyone in uncovering hidden limiting beliefs, the source of destructive habits, ingrained counterproductive cultural standards, lack of individual motivating purpose and the inhibiting daily negative influences of others.

This course and community have been created after 12 years of research and development and working with over 50,000 students around the world to achieve life long results.

The program is a computer-based 12 month learning system that contains audios, videos and guidebooks featuring the owner (whose own business was valued at US$170million by time he was 34) along with world champions, Olympic gold medalists, and others people who have overcome big obstacles to create the success they desire in their lives.

You will also be connected to an unparalleled community of positive, upbeat and supportive people. We all meet on a weekly live conference call, which you can plug into live or listen to by a provided recording.

This is a yearlong course. However, the company continues to develop new content that covers different aspects of life and creating success. Most of this content is made available free of charge for life and you will have lifetime free access to the community. This is all covered.


It has been awarded the Learning! 100 award (Amex, Cisco, Google and IBM are previous recipients) and was ranked in the top 3 in the world by HR.coms in their Leadership 500 Excellence Awards while the video production is and content is to such a high standard it has been recognised by the Telly and Remi awards.

Leveraging your time

I have never seen a better graphic to explain earning capability than this one from Robert Kiyosaki’s seminal work “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. 

The left hand side of the quadrant depicts the majority or people in life and how they use their time.

Very few make it big in either of these two quadrants. The right hand side represents not only a bigger potential to earn but represents a mind shift.

One of the reasons I am so passionate about this business is because it takes people from the left to right in both senses - in their education and compensation plan. So where are you spending most of your time; the life you have or the life you want?

My Story

For a lot of people JOB stands for Just Over Broke and a cap on earnings. By age 65 most people are nearly dead or dead broke.

So when I chose to change career (39) and decided to become a leadership coach myself, it took me a couple of years to go from the employee mindset to the business owner mindset.

I soon recognised the need to extend my reach in order to earn more. Being self employed meant I had escaped a job to become tied to a job i.e. the difference between owning a business and being self employed is that in running a business, the principal does’t have to be present in order to earn.

Being able to offer a world class leadership programme that I believe in that is delivered online allows me to leverage my time and be a business owner.

This programme has taught me to how to play at a higher level, to expect more of myself and the people I interact with and not be afraid to dream big as long as I am prepared to take the action.

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