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One-way video interview software is an effective tool for aiding recruiters during their selection process.

Using one-way video interview software speeds up the entire recruiting process and offers multiple benefits for both recruiter and candidate.

Through this type of software recruiters set a series of questions for applicants to answer on video - like a video selfie.

Applicants take the video interview at a time to suit them using their laptop, desktop or smartphone.

Recruiters review the applicants video at their convenience and have the opportunity to rate answers and share videos with colleagues for their input.

These videos give a much greater insight into applicants than a resume ever can and also allow applicants to showcase their personalities. Comparing and contrasting video answers allows recruiters to select the most suitable candidates for their vacancy to invite for face-to-face interviews.

The Dynamic Hire Sales Agent Business Opportunity

The role of a Dynamic Hire sales agent is to give away free trials for Dynamic Hire.

This opportunity requires very little time from the sales agent.

The only why a potential customer can purchase Dynamic Hire is by activating a free trial. The only way the potential customer can get a free trial is from an authorized agent. Each free trial generated is followed up with a series of autoresponders and we close the sale for the agent.

It gets even Better!

We give you FREE software that allows you to target and grow more LinkedIn connections. This means you will have an endless supply of prospects to promote the Dynamic Hire Free Trials to. It’s that simple!

This FREE software runs on autopilot while you're getting on with the rest of your day. You could be at the beach, relaxing in a park or doing your day job, it doesn't matter as this software will still be working for you. This business opportunity requires just a few minutes of your time to set it up and manage on a day to day basis.

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