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Welcome to the easiest and quickest way to start your own professional web design company - with No Experience Required - because this amazing online system will automatically design thousands of new websites for you!  

Your Own Automated Business

Simply enter a few details about the business you wish to design a website for (E.G: Business name, location and market sector), then watch the system create a fabulous web design right in front of your eyes - all within just a few minutes!

And if you don’t like it for whatever reason, it will create another design, and another one, and another one, until you are happy! 

More important, the Digital Design Business Plan will show you how to maximise this automated web design system to make YOU money for years and years to come. 

Company Background

Up until about 5 years ago I worked in the ceramic floor tiles industry. When the company I worked for went bust, I could not find any similar work. I was 55 years old with a mortgage and plenty of bills to pay!

Ideally I wanted to be my own boss and run a business from home to minimise expenses. The obvious answer had to be an internet-based business.

However I was useless with computers, but my children convinced me that it was easy to learn.

My daughter lent me her old computer and I started learning to search Google.

I thought it would be easy to source Chinese products on Alibaba to sell on eBay, but every time I found a good product other people were already selling them on eBay and cheaper than I could buy them!

To try and sell products online for a higher price than my competitors, I realised I would need a professional website.

So I searched Google and asked 3 web designers to quote for creating an E-commerce website.

I was shocked at their prices! They talked in jargon and their estimates ranged from £1,600 up to £2,800. So I requested quotes from 3 more firms who ranged from £1,200 to over £4,000.

 It was obvious to me that unlike most businesses there are no set prices for web design.

That was when my daughter convinced me that I could design one myself and showed me this simple software system. I was amazed and really enjoyed creating web designs just for fun!

Then I had my lightbulb moment ...

Two of my friends ran their own small local businesses - and both had very poor websites - so I offered to re-design them for FREE on the basis that if they wanted to proceed, I could charge them a fair price.

Using the automated system I presented them with 3 designs each and they both loved them. So they paid me and I was now officially a Web Designer! 

The Marketplace

These days every business needs a good website. There are huge amounts of amateur and old fashioned websites out there.

My customers are usually local businesses like Beauty Salons, Tradesmen, Restaurants and Sports Clubs, etc. But also a fast-growing number of people who want to start-up their own business - and they all need a good website!

Over the past 5 years I have learnt many “tricks of the trade” to attract customers. Its actually quite simple when you know how. Offering a FREE design service is one thing, but its how you present this offer that really counts. And who to target and how. I know what works!

In fact I am so busy using this fantastic automated design system, I have realised that I will never have the time to expand my business into other regions outside of my Warwickshire area.

And I certainly don’t want to employ any staff to expand. So I have decided to share my know-how with other hard-working people across the UK who are looking to start-up their own business and work from home. As a result we can all benefit from working under one brand DigitalDesign. 

Your Business Opportunity Package

Your start-up package will show you how to take advantage of the automated design system and start making money … now!

To help you get up and running immediately, in addition to the Business Plan, I will also offer you the following:

  • Sole and exclusive trading area**
  • Your own ready-made professional website**
  • Lifetime rights to use the new DigitalDesign brand
  • 1st page Google listing in your local area for your new DigitalDesign business
  • 100% ownership of your DigitalDesign web domain name and business email address
  • Personalised artwork for your own DigitalDesign stationery + 250 printed business cards
  • On-going business support and advice

** Your website will reflect your trading area i.e. whether you live in a City, a regional County or part of London.

E.G: DigitalDesignBerkshire or DigitalDesignLondonSE or DigitalDesignLeeds  

Earning Potential 

Using the automated design system, I charge a variety of local businesses anything from £300 up to well over £2,000 for creating their new website. The charges depend on the content of their new website. E.G:

How many pages and How many features (like an Ecommerce shop, restaurant menus or online videos, etc).

All of these features and many more are available through the automated web design system and they are all FREE to you! But of course, you can charge your customers extra for each feature they require.

And I will show you how to charge for other items too!

Start-up Costs

The incredibly low £345 cost for the DigitalDesign Business Plan + ALL of the items outlined in the package above is a one-off charge only.

This cost is purely to cover my time and costs in setting-up your new business, including your own website & email, Google listing, stationery & printed business cards + supporting you after you are up & running. And I can assure you I will not charge you a single penny more … ever!

Business Summary

Your business can be run part time from home during whatever flexible hours suit you during the day, evenings or weekends. With no staff and no stock. You will just need a desktop or laptop computer and follow the step-by-step Business Plan.

And I will always be there to support you with any questions or help you may need regarding your new DigitalDesign business. 

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