The proven way to start your own web design company with NO experience because the online system will design hundreds of new websites for you – automatically! 

The Digital Design package includes everything you need to start-up and make money now!

Automated Web Design Business - just £495

Run your own business from smartphone App!

Simply enter a few details into the automated web design system (eg: business name, location and market sector) then watch the system create an original new web design within minutes - right in front of your eyes – and for FREE!

These days every business needs an effective website. And owners need them regularly up-dated and revitalised to keep up with their competitors. There are literally thousands of websites that need a more professional, modern design now! 

We are talking about small independents and trades from Beauty Salons to Pubs and Plumbers to Vets.

Most local web designers charge far too much. So there is enormous potential for a low-cost web design service - especially if one offers the initial design concepts for FREE!

Just think about it for a minute. The system will create an unlimited number of website designs automatically and FREE for YOU whenever you wish.

So YOU in turn can offer a FREE website design service to every business in your area!

Now imagine how many local companies and tradespeople will take-up your FREE offer!

After they have chosen your design, you can then charge them a fair price for finishing their new website. The system is so simple to operate, you can quickly complete each website and create several new websites, every week!

Your Earning Potential

Using the automated design system, you can charge anything from £300 to well over £2,000 for each new website.

So, you can achieve a full return on your initial £495 outlay with just one customer. Then start earning hundreds of pounds every week for years to come.

A Flexible / Part-time Opportunity

The automated web design system also includes a Free App that allows you to run your business On the Go! So, if you work Part-Time or whenever you are away on holiday, your business can still make you money!

The Digital Design Start-up Package

The proven 140-page Digital Design Business Plan will show you how to maximise the automated web design system so you can earn hundreds of pounds every week, part -time. And you can earn plenty more if you decide to work full-time.

In addition to the Business Plan, you will also receive a complete Start-up Business Package to get your new business up and running within 1 week. This will include all of the following items:

  • Large and exclusive trading region
  • Your own ready-made professional website
  • Lifetime rights to use the powerful Digital Design brand
  • 1st page Google local listing for your new Digital Design business
  • Personalised Digital Design stationery + 500 impressive business cards
  • 100% ownership of your Digital Design website, domain name and business email
  • On-going expert support and advice for as long as you need it


The total one-off cost of just £495 for the Digital Design Business Plan includes the full start-up business package as detailed above. There are no further fees to pay – ever!

You will own your business 100% and you will retain 100% of the profits, with no sales commissions or royalties to pay - ever!

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