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Following the quicker than anticipated success of our recently launched Business Mentoring System, we’ve been able to release our new “success based” acquisition model, much sooner than originally planned. 

Other than an initial set up fee, there are no longer any monthly subscriptions or up front licence/franchise fees to pay, because we succeed...only when you do!

And you now acquire not one, but TWO world class business growth systems together with several additional opportunities to generate ongoing passive income...

The first system is The Vault, which has for many years, been helping business owners to sell more of their products and services and clearly there is a huge and growing opportunity right now to reach out to even more business owners during these challenging times.

Under normal circumstances, 60% of SME’s, (micro, small and medium sized businesses) fail to survive beyond their first 5 years and the number one reason why, is simply because they do not attract enough customers

The Vault is proven to overcome this challenge and has been described by business owners as the best on-line platform of its kind.

The second system, The Mentors Resource Centre, has been the catalyst for our recent rapid success. It’s the solution for identifying and attracting a constant flow of business owners to the Vault.

Business owners are delighted to discover The Vault and more than happy to pay you £400 per month for access to it. Whilst you involvement is just an hour of your time once a month to check in with them to ensure they are on track. 

The best part? never have to leave the safety and comfort of your own home. Better still, this can all be done full or part time. The choice is yours.

So if you’re interested in earning £400 per hour helping businesses through these difficult times and beyond plus earn passive income streams without lifting a finger... then you’re invited to watch our webinar titled,

“How You Too Can Acquire A Constant Stream Of Clients And Make £400 An Hour As A Business Growth Mentor”.

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