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The Product

DIY hydrogen kits offer a simple, safe, fast, inexpensive solution to good health and vitality.

The only branded commercially marketed product allowing your customers to produce high grade hydrogen infused water at a fraction of the price of beverages, tablets and water machine purifiers.

Only tablets costing £50 per month’s supply come near to producing hydrogen water of the same 10mg/litre grade as the HYDROkit.

Product Benefits

1. Hydrogen infused water protects and enhances your immune system

2. It reduces the chances of becoming ill from viruses such as Covid 19

3. It protects you from anxiety and depression

4. It avoids age related symptoms such as neurodegenerative brain disease, arthritis and memory loss

5. It maintains a youthful appearance

6. It helps lose weight more easily from dieting

7. It prevents heart disease

8. Endorsed by celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Zac Efron.

Distributor Opportunity

1. A much desired, highly marketable product and brand name

2. Work from home, full or part time, hours to suit

3. Up to 400% profit margins!

4. No special qualifications or experience required

5. UK health and wellbeing market is currently worth over £24 billion and growing!

6. No targets, quotas or minimum orders

7. Top ranking distributor positions on offer to dedicated individuals

8. Grow your own network of distributors by earning a residual income from their investments

9. Life time income opportunity from top-up products

10. Low cost start-up

11. Step by step instructions

12. No on-going financial commitment

13. Full support and backup

14. Branded materials and packaging supplied by Nutriwell

15. Your own sales territory

16. Your own ready to use website

17. Promotional material and leaflets supplied by Nutriwell.

18. Everything included to get you started right away

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