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Exciting new ‘small business’ opportunity

Perfect for ‘home based’ (Covid-19 proof) business.

An exciting ‘home based’ opportunity to be part of a new and innovative business promoting an exciting children’s book range that will encourage children to read.

If you have a passion for books and want to help get today’s children reading, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

SPECIAL OFFER  - Join TODAY for ONLY £500 (Usually £1,500)
Available for JAN 2021 ONLY!

‘Turmali and The Light Savers’ is an exciting adventure series created to excite young children wherever they live in the world.

With 28 books in the series, (featuring 132 separate, but connected adventure stories) the only way to market these is direct to the reader.

An intriguing website provides the platform to encourage children to play a game that gives them the opportunity to win free books or collector cards, (They only pay for postage). 

The Collector Card Series, which has characters and cards related to the series currently has 118 collectable cards, these are being added to each month. The cards can be sold as ‘random’ 10 card packs at a low cost to encourage children to collect them.

Excited To Hear More?

Each appointed Agent will control an exclusive territory and receive payment for every sale made in their region, however generated. The sales will include, (but are not limited to): All 28 Current Turmali and The Light Savers story books. (print and eBooks.) 

Collector card series and associated games. Collector card Folder/Box/. Website access where the brand will be promoted by the online game, with free books or cards being the reward.

An animated cartoon series is planned but is not yet produced, this will form part of the potential revenue stream for the Agent’s territory.

Once the brand is established Turmali merchandise will form part of the future sales opportunity.

The Business Opportunity Package

This is your chance to be part of the ‘set-up’ team and gain a distinct advantage over later adopters.

1. Exclusive territory rights from * £1500. (Credit card or monthly payments available.) The fee includes initial stock, further stock will be provided, as required, at no additional cost to the agent until their territory fee has been recovered by them. *This is an introductory offer only and the fee will increase very soon.

2. Revenue from all sales generated in your exclusive territory, irrespective of the source of the business.

3. Anticipated income year 1. Unlimited but expected to be in the region of £10-£20,000.

Your Role

  • Drive traffic to the website (assistance provided)
  • To use social media to promote the series and find new ways to market the products to the target audience.
  • Arrange shipments of books and cards within their designated territory.
  • Promote the sale of books and cards via direct sales methods; example promotions to schools and children’s organisations.
  • Provide regular feedback to the Company on sales and campaigns in their territory.
  • Purchase regular stocks of books cards and other merchandise that may be introduced.
  • Annual sales targets will be given to retain the exclusive territory rights for subsequent years.

Why Join Turmali Publishing?

Agency benefits:

1. Exclusivity. Sales are only via our Agents and therefore no discounting from competitors.

2. Initial stock of Books and cards.

3. Stock purchased at wholesale prices.

4. Endless opportunity to generate revenue from a home-based business with no direct overheads.

5. Uncapped earnings.

6. Helping children to learn.


Offer Available for JAN 2021 ONLY!

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