Could You Do This?...

...Send a message to a company owner on Linkedin, telling him you have a competitor of his for sale that would double his revenues overnight... and that you already have the money in place for him to make the deal happen?

To the business owner it means, just by picking up the phone to you, he (or she of course) could double company revenues, profitability and value in one quick deal.

Could you jump on a ZOOM call with a company owner to talk about selling his business at fair market value, with no upfront cost and a cash lump sum on close, using a templated approach?

And finally, could you send business owners details of a simple risk free Private Equity backed programme that can triple the money they get when they sell their business, with zero to pay in legal or accounting fees (saving them thousands), answer their questions when they call, send them a presentation deck and follow up to close the sale?

Could you ‘connect the dots’ between buyers and sellers of companies?

That’s it, that’s what a Rise Strategies Deal Maker does. 

The Deal Maker world is fast paced, challenging, exciting and hugely rewarding. 

It’s ideal for you if you are an organised ‘people’ person, a problem solver with a high degree of professionalism and you firmly understand the importance of building relationships with your clients and you want to work from home, full time, part time or somewhere in between.

Some days your phone will run red hot. Other days are so quiet you can sit back and relax, grab a long lunch or spend the day with your family. You can be full or part time, your choice. 

Whatever you do, everything you need to get deals done is on the phone in your pocket. You can work from anywhere you have an internet connection and a phone. Your earnings, whatever the day brings, are automatic. In fact, just 10 clients would produce an income of +£100,000 per year.

> Re-imagined for the new ZOOM first world of business, everything is online.

> You operate under a well respected brand, Rise Strategies

> You will be trained by a Private Equity company founder to create deals

> We source your clients for you

> Our complete team supports you in every deal


Rise Strategies will subsidise 50% of your joining fee!

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