A Chat With A Bloke At My Local!


I was having a chat with a bloke at my local pub last Saturday evening and as it always does when you are trying to relax and enjoy your weekend, the topic of discussion quickly switched to work.

The chap I was talking to is a regular at my local and so we had chatted about work before so he knew that I was involved in advertising franchise/ business opportunities.  

As this chap is very much a ‘been there, seen it done it’ type of character I try not to get too involved in the discussion if I can help it.

But this chap asked me in more detail about the businesses that we advertise as in all his years of experience, he had never owned nor been involved with any type of business opportunity himself (as is often the case with people who seem to know so much!!)

So, I proceeded to explain that we advertised not only franchises but alternative business opportunities as well, i.e. network marketing, licences etc and his initial response made me smile, as it certainly isn’t the first time I had heard this type of response when describing the industry I am involved in.

To quote ‘ So franchises, you mean like those expensive shops like McDonalds and that…’. In fairness to this chap, he was on his third pint by now so I wasn’t expecting an in-depth, detailed response displaying knowledge in this area but the naivety of his answer still made me smile.

So, with a little smirk I went on to describe the different types of opportunities that are available, not just high investment retail opportunities and explained about the array of low cost options available on the market today.

The conversation didn’t go much further before he proceeded on a very in depth narrative of the world of medicals supplies (his field).

But that night it did make me think what others perception of a franchise might be, who might otherwise not have a clue. In fact before I entered this industry with little knowledge I may have thought the same thing.

Yes some of the most recognised brands on our high streets are indeed franchises and offer a fantastic business opportunity for a certain type of entrepreneur and investor.

But the spectrum of opportunities is so vast and varied now that I wonder how many people don’t explore this avenue as a route to self-employment because of this limited perception of what this business model offers….. in fact, that was half the reason for setting up this business in the first place.

The point here is, I wonder how many people limit themselves, in this instance in their career choices by not exploring certain avenues correctly. How many people out there love the idea of being their own boss, have dreamt about it for years but maybe haven’t explored the franchise/ licence model any further because they assume that you must have tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds to invest in a franchise and to set up a high-street store.

So I take responsibility for doing my bit in trying to give people the wider knowledge of what this industry has to offer and the opportunities that are available to them. There are so many business models of this type now that don’t require high financial investment but still offer the security and support that has made franchising such a successful model throughout the years.

So if you have ever wanted to start your own business and have the attitude and dedication to do so, do explore this sector in more detail. Our platform gives guidance on the different types of business opportunities available as well as displaying an exciting array of businesses on offer. If you dream of starting your own business, turn the dream into reality and start your exciting journey today.

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