Auto Car Brokers: Two New Apps Launched!


Auto Car Brokers are excited to announce the launch of two new Apps for the Car Broker Business Opportunity package. 

This is a logical ‘add on’ development and will help smooth the whole process for both sellers and buyers alike.

An App for ‘Sellers’

One of the key issues for brokers has always been in getting relevant vehicles quickly into the market and available for potential buyers to view. 

The new app transforms this process and will allow not just very comprehensive details of every vehicle to be entered and managed but will also include a detailed image portfolio as well as a video of each vehicle. 

And last but certainly not least, the app will be free to download and use, with no charge at all being made for people who want to sell their car. 

And that is why the app is called ‘Sell My Car 4 Free’ because it “Does what it says on the tin”! 

An App for ‘Dealers’…

One of the key issues for dealers is if they’re looking for a particular vehicle(s), either for stock or perhaps to fulfil a customer requirement.

 There’s nothing available in their own networks, and with time pressing they may want to turn to a broker or a network of brokers to help them source what they’re looking for. 

This App will help to automate that process – the dealer enters the details of what they’re looking for and presses submit. This information can then either go to one broker, a network of brokers, or to all brokers across the UK.  

From a dealer perspective, speed of communication is ‘key’. And this App is just another step in the process of dealers being able to find the vehicles they need to fulfil their specific requirement. 

And last but not least, this app is also free to download and use. 

“We are very excited about the launch of our new apps, because they will transform the way that vehicles that are available for sale can quickly be visible to potential buyers – regardless of where the car is and regardless of where the buyer is. Equally, dealers will be able to share the details of vehicles they’re looking for to a wider audience.” 

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