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Part-Time, Full Time or Integrated into YOUR existing business

How Can l Get Started Right Away?

A UK & Global Non Exclusive Distributorship with Coensus-hr costs only £2500 plus VAT and includes:

  • Your own Prevue Dashboard to personalise and manage your Distributorship and service your Clients
  • 20 FULL Prevue Assessments with a resale value of £2400+
  • Training: Start Up, Sales, Marketing and Ongoing
  • An opportunity to build a highly profitable business, plus a recurring income when an annual ‘Unlimited Use License’ is purchased.

In addition to the above and as part of your evaluation of our Business Opportunity you will be asked to complete and experience a FULL Assessment for yourself. There is NO cost associated with this plus there is NO commitment to proceed further with our business discussions should you be dissatisfied with our Assessments or the Reports produced.

What Does Being A Coensus-hr Distributor Involve?

Where Prevue Assessments are used by HR, People Developers and Coaches you will network to find those involved with the responsibility to Manage, Coach and Develop people. You will then demonstrate to them the many benefits gained from using Prevue Assessments to understand the candidate better. This might include the use of Prevue’s Corporate Coaching; Personal Development or Corporate Planning tools.

By far the biggest niche market and one which offers the greatest sales opportunity is with In-House Recruiters. This is where Prevue Assessments are used to reduce the cost and time when hiring new people, whilst still enhancing selection and retention. JOB FIT being the prime Goal.

Why Is The Prevue ‘Normative’ Assessment The BEST

Prevue online Assessment do not just identify an individual's Personality it accurately measures the Total Person: Mental Ability + Motivation/Interests + Personality + Approach to Work

This information can then be compared to a specific job profile requirement or Benchmark, thus taking away the guess work from recruiting and/or developing the “right person for the right job”. We call this JOB FIT.

Prevue is used by Organisations, Companies and Charities to:

  • Improve their recruiting success rate
  • Reduce employee turnover, significantlY
  • Reduce the cost of recruiting in time & money
  • Develop an employee’s career and future
  • Offer tools to help with Corporate Coaching & Succession Planning

When recruiting new talent what you see is not always what you get

Prevue Assessments reduce selection mistakes when hiring..........

The Dilemma

Looks Interesting, But Do l Need To Have A Background In HR or Recruiting?

Wonderful if you did but typically very few of our (13) Distributors have.

However what they do have is a goal and desire to build a successful business. The greatest attribute you can bring to this business is a positive mental attitude, a belief in yourself and a desire to build your own business........we’ll teach you the rest

You will however need some basic computer literacy to run your Prevue on-line Dashboard, or someone in your team who can.

Coensus-hr guarantees ongoing support to ensure your success. Never forget....Your Success is Our Success.

Who Will Be My Clients?

The Prevue online system enables authorised Distributors to service companies of any size, from 1 to 2500++ employees. While there are Distributors who are providing products and services to very large organizations, the majority of Prevue Distributors sell to companies with 20 to 500 employees.

Note: This is a Global Non Exclusive on-line opportunity therefore your clients can be based anywhere in the world.

What Do My Clients Typically Buy?

Coensus-hr/Prevue Clients buy and use our Benchmarking and Assessments.

Many Distributors will also charge consulting fees for helping their Clients interpret and use the Prevue report(s).

Fees and Profits

The fee for a person being Assessed ranges from £60 - £120 pp. Consulting fees are based upon a day rate which YOU decide, and you keep.

The majority of our UK Prevue Assessment Clients just buy individual Assessments. When they do your profit margin will average around 40%

If a Client wants to reduce their cost you will suggest they buy an ‘Unlimited Use License’. You can then earn an annual recurring commission of 30%.

Example: A Client which employs 200-250 people and buys an Unlimited Use License to cover an Unlimited Use of ALL Assessments and Benchmarking during a 12 month period will pay £7544 pa. Your annual commission will thus be £2263 for every year the Clients maintains their License. This is very cost effective for the Client.

What Level of Profit Does A Distributor Make?

A Distributor’s Gross Margins is typically between 25%-40%+.

Is there a big demand for Applicant Tracking Systems and Job FIT Assessments?

Studies have shown that the top most pressing problems facing management are:

  • Selecting talented employees, both from within and outside their team
  • The cost of recruiting, especially when Agencies are users
  • The time taken to recruit
  • Retention. Recruiting is often not the issue, retaining them is.
  • Succession Planning
  • Engaging and retaining talented employees

It was further found that over half the managers surveyed were actively seeking a tool to deal with these concerns. Coensus-hr/Prevue have a proven solution (over 10 million completed).

How Does Coensus-hr/Prevue Compare With The Competition?

While there are many Assessment tests available in the UK market place, few if any can match Prevue for its technical reliability/accuracy and professional credentials.

Prevue’s Psychometric Assessments were authored by D. Bartram and P Lindley, two very eminent UK Psychometricians. Plus the assessments have been reviewed by The British Psychological Society. (The BPS does not approve or disapprove, they only review)

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