Do You Need Previous Experience To Be A Business Owner?


One question we are frequently asked here at CBO is whether a person needs previous business experience or expertise to join a Franchise or alternative Business Opportunity.

The short answer is... NO. (well not necessarily)

One of the main benefits of joining a Franchise or Business Opportunity is the comprehensive training, support and back-up that is offered as part of your package and is one of the key elements that your initial investment will cover.

There are opportunities in specific sectors that may require you to have worked in that industry previously or have specific training or qualifications in that field, for example some accountancy based opportunities.

But the large majority will still allow you to join them even if you have no experience in that industry whatsoever. In fact, for some businesses it is easier that you don't, so that there cant be any bad practices or habbits that you may have inherited and so they can train you to easily follow their best practices and behaviours and easily adopt their core values.

Most Low Cost Franchise/ Business Opportunities will provide you with all of the initial training that you need to get your business up and running, as well as on-going support to help you build your business over the long term.

Sometimes, some exposure to a certain areas of business may be beneficial i.e sales experience etc but not always essential.

This makes the opportunities market even more attractive, opening up the selection of options you have available to you and also allowing you to join enter an industry that you may never have before considered.

A lack of experience can be one of the main barriers people create for themselves when taking the plunge to start their own business. Remember, joining a Franchise or Business Opportunity means that you are partnering with a company who has an already proven blueprint for business, having made and rectified many of the mistakes that a new business owner would undoubtable experience when starting from scratch.

This means a much safer route into self-employment and greatly increases your chances of initial and on-going success.

So if you are concerned about whether you have the credentials, experience or know-how to start your own business with a Franchise or alternative type of opportunity, do not worry or let this hold you back. The spectrum of options out there is vast and as a business seeker looking for your perfect opportunity, this shouldn't hinder your research process or put you off entering this lucrative industry.

There is no harm in finding out more and it may just be the best decision you make.

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