Gold Solutions: Breaking The Rules With a Low Cost Start-up Business


Starting a new business from scratch is the most common way of breaking away from being employed, but without help and guidance in the first few months most new businesses do not survive.

After more than 14 years in the provision of helping people start their own new low-cost business, Gold Solutions have been aware that the biggest problems people encounter in the critical first 6 months is a combination of a lack of business experience, a shortage of working capital and an almost complete lack of a business plan.

With more and more people looking to set up their own business in the UK, it is more important that completely free support and value is factored into any business offered for sale. For all of Gold Solutions existence it has been standard practice to provide completely free and unlimited telephone and email support to all registered clients.

For the first time ever, all low cost start-up packages - ranging between a modest £300 to the Ultimate package costing £4000 - purchased from Gold Solutions during the month of June, clients will automatically be provided with the following range of benefits completely free of charge:

1. Live fully optimised website

2. A position on page 1 on Google

3. A 1 hour in-house or telephone-based training course on how to use the equipment perfectly

4. Automatic membership to the largest Gold Plating Guild in the world with a permanent 10% Guild membership discount on all future purchases from the online shop

5. Support on the Gold Solutions exclusive Social Media Marketing Plan providing completely free direct marketing to thousands of people in the County of their residence

6. And finally, membership to the largest group of independent electroplating specialists in the UK for marketing Gold Plated gifts and Products as well as commercial electroplating and electroforming services.

The Founder of the Gold Plating Guild Terry George says "With the provision of all these added benefits completely free of any charges, even on the lowest cost business packages, we are committed to play our part in giving start-ups the best possible opportunity to perform above the normal level of all other low cost (under £5000) businesses.

By creating a new arm to our worldwide based business - the Gold Plated Gifts Group UK - entrants to this profitable business will be at the forefront of people and businesses seeking their products and services".

With 17 of the 106 Counties in the UK already created, and another 50 Counties to be created before the end of the year, the Gold Plated Gifts Group UK and all its satellite County based websites will be the number 1 go-to online place in the UK.

What makes this even more revolutionary, even existing non-registered businesses can apply for membership with a nominal admin fee of just £50 to enjoy exactly the same benefits.

This will make the Gold Plated Gifts Group in all its forms not only the place to be to develop their businesses in the County, it will also be self-defeating for those who are not members any of County as they local profile will be lower than that of the members of the group.

Overseen personally by the Founder, this promises to be the best year ever for anyone wishing to finally achieve a reasonable level of success far greater than would be possible otherwise.

Gold Solutions, the world's number 1 supplier of Gold Plating Business Opportunities

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