Gold Solutions: Interview with Founder Terry George


CBO were fortunate enough to speak with Gold Solutions Founder Terry George about this unique Business Opportunity. He gave us an insight into what the opportunity on offer is and why this may appeal to anyone looking for a low cost business.

1. When and Why Did You Start Gold Solutions?

Founded by Terry George, Gold Solutions was created in 2005 with the express desire to allow the low-cost setting up of home-based gold plating businesses in the UK.

It is now the most highly rated provider of Gold Plating Business Opportunity packages in the world with the largest range of packages to suit all budgets and ambitions.

By simply converting any ordinary metal or non-metal into a luxurious upgraded and totally unique (unseen in any high street shop in the UK) gold, you can generate huge incomes with no ongoing costs other than replacement supplies.

Gold Solutions are also the most innovative and supportive supplier of this type of unique (and untapped) business opportunity in the world today with their completely free and unlimited technical and business building support team 7 days a week.

2. Explanation/ & Overview of The Gold Solutions Business Opportunity.

Gold Solutions offers a range of Gold Plating Kit Business Opportunity packages. They have kindly offered a bespoke 'business-in-a-box' package exclusively for users of CBO. 

Here's what Gold Solutions Founder Terry George had to say.

"This offer – exclusive now only via the CBO – offers the most comprehensive business start-up opportunity ever seen in the UK for under £10,000.

The package available only to CBO users is for our Ultimate Business Package which normally sells at £4000, currently on offer on our website for £3000 – but available for a limited time only for £2400 – this price is only available on request.

This package offers everything you need in terms of equipment, solutions, training and support and online marketing to help you create a lucrative business with low overheads and high returns".

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3. Key Selling Points of The Gold Solutions Business Opportunity

The Gold Solutions  Business Opportunity offers a range of benefits to those looking to join them.

Terry George summarises some of these key benefits that you will receive as part of your package.

"The aptly named ‘Ultimate’ package includes a huge range of chemicals including 24k and Rose Gold, Platinum, Rhodium and Silver.

We provide you with top of the range equipment, 2 live websites (1 for the buyers home county and 1 for the www) as well as at-home PLUS in-house training programmes, lifetime free and unlimited technical and business, an exclusive 30% discount for 5 years on all supplies.

Your 'Ultimate package' also provides you with business building support 7 days a week and an amazing and completely free to use ‘unique’ approach to Social Marketing.

We now also include 2 additional websites that promote individually all members specifically in their own County of residence/work making their businesses the most heavily promoted and visible businesses of their type and appearing on page 1 of Google from day 1 – just 1 example of why the Gold Plating Group lead while others ‘sometimes’ try to follow".

4. Who Would The Gold Solutions Opportunity Be Suitable For?

"The Gold Solutions Business Opportunity would be suited to anyone who is not just looking for a casual approach to starting their own business, but with no requirement for any previous business experience being necessary due to the high level of support from day 1.

If you have ambitions to succeed with hard work in creating a business for life with the unlimited support from a proven supplier over many years, we want to hear from you".

5. What Would You Say to Anyone Considering Joining Your Business Opportunity?

Terry George gives us a summary of why you should seriously consider starting your own Gold Plating Business with Gold Solutions.

"Gold Solutions (now the Gold Solutions Group) have over 14 year’s specialised business experience in this industry on both a retail and commercial basis with building start-up businesses all over the world, a 5* feedback score in excess of 99% from clients over that period and the most unique and hands on support system of any alternative supplier of gold plating business opportunities anywhere in the world"

If you are looking for a unique, low cost business opportunity that can be operated from home, the Gold Solutions Ultimate Package may be just what you are looking for!

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