How The Virtual Franchise & Business Opportunity Show Was Born!


Since 2013, Complete Business Opportunities has been offering numerous low-cost franchise and alternative business opportunities a targeted online directory to promote their business’ to help attract new people to join their offering.

After years of working in primarily the ‘white collar' and ‘retail‘ franchise marketing sector, it became more apparent to me as the economy was suffering at the time, that firstly many of the higher investment franchises out there weren’t recruiting at anywhere near the same level as they had in previous decades which was pretty obvious to see why.

However, there was an emergence of much lower cost franchises coming to market, as well as a number of alternative business opportunity models becoming available.

As well as a much smaller investment levels required, these opportunities were often home based and worked more along a flexible hours structure.

With numerous redundancies at the time and people out of work, suddenly there was this rapidly expanding market available to anyone looking for alternatives to standard employment, victims of redundancy or anyone looking to top up their monthly income which at the time was many.

But with smaller investments needed to join these business’, naturally marketing budgets were far less and so these business' were unable to afford the costs involved with marketing across the larger franchise directories, the most obvious online platforms at the time for them to reach potential business seekers.

And so CBO was born. Focussing specially on the low-cost sector, the website differentiated from all of the other ‘franchise’ websites out there and gave the low cost and alternative business opportunity model an affordable dedicated online arena to help attract suitable people to join their business.

After the growing success of this platform over the ears and the low cost sector continuing to thrive through economic hardships that seem to severely dent the rest of the industry, this year CBO decided to expand their reach and to take advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected so many business'.

This week (Monday 27th April) we launched the UK’s first ever Virtual Franchise & Business Opportunity Show. This offers an affordable exhibition experiencing for a range of opportunities to better connect and engage with the numerous people out there stuck on lockdown and possibly finding themselves at a career crossroads and looking for new opportunities.

The virtual concept has been realised like never before across all industries during this pandemic and for the exhibition experience, could well be the way forward in the future.

You can register to visit the event completely FREE

Whether you are an ‘opportunity seeker’ looking at new career options or a business opportunity owner exploring innovative new ways to help attract more people to your business, this will benefit you both.

So, join us today for the UK’s first ever Virtual Franchise & Business Opportunity Show

Ashley Skinner - MD